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Does Procore Sync support proxy servers?

 Limited Release
Procore Sync is currently in limited release. Only a subset of customers maintain access to the application. 


A proxy server acts as an intermediary between the Internet and a user's PC. When using a proxy server, a user's PC requests a page from the proxy server instead of directly from the Internet. Since Procore Sync requires an internet connection, you might want to know whether the application can be used with a proxy server.


Yes, Procore Sync supports the use of proxy servers. However, the following conditions must be met:

  • The proxy server must be an HTTP proxy server.
    Note: SOCKS proxy servers are not currently supported.
  • Sticky sessions must be allowed and enabled by the proxy server.
  • The proxy server must be configured as the default proxy server for Windows on each computer that has Procore Sync installed.
    Note: This is determined on the computer's Control Panel under Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings. 

If you have questions about proxy servers, please reach out to an IT professional at your company. 

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