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How should I adjust my forecast view if the Prime Contracts tool is disabled?

Perform the following actions on the Procore Standard Budget view if the Prime Contracts tool on your project is disabled so that you will not see any prime contract related columns:

  1. Navigate to company's Admin tool.
  2. Click Budgeting Configuration in the right.
  3. Click Procore Standard Forecast
  4. Click Configure Columns.
  5. Adjust the following columns:
    • Revised Budget 
      1. Select Revised Budget.
      2. Click Edit.
      3. Click Remove next to Approved COs.
      4. Click Update.
    • Forecast to Complete
      1. Select Forecast to Complete.
      2. Click Edit.
      3. Adjust the calculation to be Revised Budget - Project Costs.
      4. Click Update.
    • Projected Over/Under column
      1. Select Projected Over/Under.
      2. Click Edit.
      3. Adjust the calculation to be Revised Budget - Estimated Cost at Completion.
      4. Click Update.
    • Deselect the following columns:
      • Approved COs
      • Projected Budget
  6. Exit the module by clicking the x in the upper right corner. Your changes will automatically be applied to the budget view.
If you would like to learn more about Procore’s budget management software and how it can help your business, please visit our construction budgeting software product page here.