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What is a Certification Centre?

Certification Centre is a private, custom, online section of Procore's Certification site where companies can create their own materials or reuse Procore's Training Materials, to teach company-specific best practices and procedures. It is the most efficient way to test your user's knowledge of Procore and get both your internal team members and external collaborators certified!

Why create a Certification Centre?

Train and onboard all new users on how to use Procore your company-specific way by creating custom eLearning courses that teach your internal employees and external project collaborators on how to follow your SOPs, policies and best practices. Whether it's training them on how to perform common tasks using various tools within the Procore platform, related App Marketplace integrations or simply understanding your company's unique workflows and best practices, a Certification Centre can become your central hub for all construction-related training resources, including construction site safety courses. 

The self-paced courses let your users learn at their own pace and convenience while giving you access to your group's user analytics so that you can keep everyone accountable by assigning them specific courses and tracking their progress over time. Now you can train all users in a consistent, user-friendly and scalable manner. 

If you have ever wanted to create your custom, company-specific versions of any of our Procore Certification courses, the Certification Centre is the only way to easily leverage our existing training videos and related materials. Built on the same user-friendly platform that Procore uses to host all of its Procore Certification, Continuing Education, Monthly Product Release Webinars and more, users can use the same site for company-specific, construction training as well. 

Your Certification Centre is built on a mobile-responsive and user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) platform, Skilljar, which features a user-friendly authoring dashboard, built-in SSO integration with Procore, LinkedIn's "Add to Profile" integration and integrated user analytics so you can track your users' progress directly in your Procore account (under the Company Admin tool).

Our dedicated Training Management team will help implement, train, support and guide you through the entire process. They'll help you build a landing page for your Certification Centre and related visual elements such as certificates of completion and course thumbnails that match your corporate brand and style. You'll quickly become self-sufficient in building your own courses and see how easy it is to serve your own training materials such as videos, infographics, slide presentations, PDFs, SCORM modules, quizzes, survey and more. Build and launch a course for your own internal employees or external project collaborators in just a few weeks, so you can rest assured that everyone is receiving the right message and training in a consistent way before they step on the jobsite. 



  • Build Custom Courses
    Instead of directing your team to the standard Procore certification courses (which may have some irrelevant information for your workflow), create your own version of those courses that consistently aligns with your company-specific SOPs or create your own courses yourself. Reuse all of our existing training videos or replace them with your training videos and related content.
  • Drive Accountability
    Create a system of record and accountability by testing users to validate that they have not only read your SOPs they also understand them, as well as other policies and best practices before you grant them access to a project in your Procore account. For example, you can also create a Safety Training course that all users must complete prior to stepping on the jobsite. 
  • Train Internal Employees and External Collaborators 
    Even if your company already has its own learning management system (LMS), it's most likely only available for internal employees. One of the key benefits of a Certification Centre is that you can create self-paced training courses that are easily accessible for both your internal and external users to complete. 
  • Control who has access to your Certification Centre
    All content in your Certification Centre will be private by default and will only be visible to users based on group access permissions. If you want to grant access to a larger audience (e.g. external collaborators), you can create unlisted courses which will be hidden from Google and other search engines, however, they would be accessible with a direct URL (hyperlink).
  • Company Branded LinkedIn Certificate
    Upon completion of the course, you have the option of issuing custom, white-labelled certificates with your company's logo and brand/style. Leverage the existing LinkedIn "Add to Profile" integration, which gives your students the ability to showcase your branded certificates across their professional network on LinkedIn. 
  • Increase Consistent Tool Adoption
    In construction, we know it's not about doing the job, it's about doing the job right the first time. Get all offices and project teams trained in a consistent, repeatable and scalable way.
  • Showcase company-specific procedures and best practices
    Although you can leverage and reuse Procore's training videos and content, you are not limited to serving only Procore-specific content in your courses. However, learning content must be construction related. For example, you cannot create content that covers HR-related topics (e.g. interview training, requesting time off, etc.). Structure courses by topic, tool and/or job role. 
  • You own your Certification Centre
    Once your Certification Centre is properly configured and set up by Procore's Training Management team, the Designated Author(s) of each company's Certification Centre will be properly trained and equipped to both create and manage existing content on their own. Create up to ten (10) courses.

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Are you interested in building a Certification Centre? 

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