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Configure an SD Card for Your Android Device


To configure an SD card to store Procore data with your Android device.


An SD card is a memory card that can be inserted into a device in order to increase the device's available storage. By using an SD card, you can manage and store larger amounts of Procore data on your Android mobile device.

Things to Consider

  • In order to use an SD card to save Procore data with your Android mobile device, your Company level Admin user must first opt in to this feature. See Enable SD Storage.

Best Practices

Procore recommends the following when choosing, using, and configuring your SD card:

  • Select an SD card with a rating of  'Application Performance Class 1' (A1).
  • Select an SD card with a minimum Ultra High Speed rating of UHS-1 is required; cards with a rating of UHS-3 are recommended for optimal performance. 
  • Format your SD card to exFAT file system with a 4K Allocation unit size. See Format your SD Card.
  • Use an SD card with at least 128 GB or storage.
  • When transferring large amounts of data (3 GB or larger), we recommend to have the device plugged into a power source.
  • When transferring large amounts of data (3 GB or larger),we recommend that you not close Procore or run other apps.
  • Switching storage locations can be time consuming, so we recommend that projects be initiated using one storage location.
  • Once you begin storing project data, do not remove the SD Card. If you must change the SD card, first move all data to internal storage.

Access the SD Card Storage Setting

  1. Tap Settings  in the Procore toolbar. 
  2. Tap Storage Location.
    Note: This option is only visible if an SD Card is inserted in the device.
  3. Select External Storage as the location that you want to store Procore data.
  4. Tap Save.
  5. Tap Ok to confirm that you want your Procore data to transfer to the SD card.

Format your SD Card 

Note: The instructions below apply to devices running a Windows operating system.

  1. Insert the SD card into your computer.
  2. Navigate to File Explorer on your computer.
  3. Right click on your SD card.
  4. Click Format from the pop-up menu.
  5. Select the following:
    • For File System, select 'exFAT' 
    • For Allocation unit size, select '4096 bytes'
  6. Click Start.
  7. Click OK to confirm your data formatting choice.