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Procore (en-CA)


Below are the notable notable changes to the Procore iOS app in 2022.

2022.1205.1 (14/12/2022)

  • Fixes an issue in the Drawings tool where bringing up the camera while editing a deficiency item would dismiss the edit form.

2022.1205 (12/12/2022)

  • Added support for Correspondence references to Action Plans.
  • Fixed an issue where custom Correspondence statuses would not display correctly in some places.
  • Added support for peer-to-peer onboarding to the Photos camera.

2022.1128 (05/12/2022)

  • The project list alphabetical sorts now work the same way as web (not case sensitive).
  • Fixed an issue where taking a photo inside an album, and then opening it, would show a blank screen.
  • Fixed an issue where reopening an attachment in Submittals would sometimes fail.

2022.1121.1 (01/12/2022)

  • Fixes a crash when opening some forms with a custom date field.

2022.1121 (28/11/2022)

  • Added support for Correspondence records on Action Plan items.
  • Fixed miscellaneous localization issues.

2022.1114 (21/11/2022)

  • Fixed an issue where long custom signature prompts were hidden.
  • Fixed an issue in the Manpower log's form where some company names would not appear when switching projects.
  • The document viewer can now rotate into landscape mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the app would silently fail when adding photos to an already closed day in the Daily Log.
  • Attachments should now always appear in the same order in carousels.

2022.1031 (14/11/2022)

  • Fixed an issue in Quick Capture: Deficiency where the Deficiency Item Manager and Final Approver fields didn’t show the correct set of users.
  • Fixed an issue in Correspondence where some items would fail to upload when the device language was not English.
  • Fixed an issue in Correspondence where Admins were sometimes not allowed to respond to items.
  • Fixed an issue where deep links for some companies would not open in the iOS app.

2022.1024 (31/10/2022)

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

2022.1017.1 (26/10/2022)

  • Fixed an issue where bookmarks would disappear.

2022.1017 (19/10/2022)

  • New: Quick Capture for Observations has been released.
  • Submittals can now be filtered by Package.
  • Fixed an issue where My Time would sometimes be empty after visiting the company/project picker.
  • Fixed an issue where My Time entries would revert to 9 hours for some companies.

2022.1010 (17/10/2022)

  • Fixed some unwanted visuals when swiping through attachments.
  • Fixed a crash in the Drawings tool.

2022.1003 (10/10/2022)

  • Fixed some crashes in Drawings.
  • Made small improvements to Drawings sync performance.
  • Fixed an issue in the Drawings selector where the subtitle would be missing at times.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing old photo markup uploads in the upload queue.
  • Fixed an issue where announcements would not show as unread.
  • Fixed load times of long tool lists when there are many projects and configurable field sets in the current company.

2022.0926 (03/10/2022)

  • Fixed an issue in My Time where duplicate entries were displayed.
  • In Drawings, the deficiency item number should now show above a pin that has been created.
  • Animated Viewpoint Transitions in BIM.

2022.0919.1 (28/09/2022)

  • Fixes an issue where a BIM model would not update to the latest version.

2022.0919 (26/09/2022)

  • Fixed an issue where the My Time tool was sometimes empty.
  • Fixed an issue where when creating a Timesheet, the Add Line button would sometimes not work properly.
  • Fixed Send to Deficiency in Quick Capture.

2022.0912.1 (21/09/2022)

  • Fixed an issue where the home view point of a model could disappear.

2022.0912 (19/09/2022)

  • Fixed an issue in Drawings where moving a pin would frequently switch to the next or previous drawing.
  • Fixed an issue in Drawings where copy and pasted markups did not show the Publish option.

2022.0906 (12/09/2022)

  • Added support for copying and pasting markup.
  • Swiping from the left edge of the screen should now go back one screen, where possible.
  • In Drawings, observation granular filters now filter markups, not just pins.
  • Fixed an issue in T&M Tickets where signatures wouldn’t produce a green checkmark.

2022.0829 (06/09/2022)

  • Added RFI granular filters to Drawings.
  • Updated the look and feel of Quick Capture.

2022.0822 (29/08/2022)

  • The Change Event create form now starts out using the default change event status.
  • The document viewer’s header now behaves more like headers in other apps. It disappears when you start scrolling down and reappears when you scroll up quickly.
  • Added a current folder search option to the Documents tool.
  • In the Models tool, made improvements to 2D Views.
  • In the Models tool, plan navigation doesn't clear applied sectioning.

2022.0815 (22/08/2022)

  • Sped up Observations sync on fresh installs.
  • When editing a Daily Construction Report log, local county hours should now save properly.
  • Fixed a crash when viewing details for certain recently captured photos.
  • Fixed some occasional crashes in the camera.
  • Fixed some crashes when using the system share sheet.
  • Fixed an issue where the document viewer could not be dismissed on devices with a notch.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when updating from a very old app version.
  • Fixed some crashes in the Drawings tool.

2022.0808 (15/08/2022)

  • Fixed an issue where some input methods, like the one for Simplified Chinese, didn’t work in some form fields.
  • The camera should work in landscape mode again.
  • The app now scrolls to the top of the tool list when you tap on the Home tab, if the tool list is already showing.
  • Fixed an issue where project names on My Time entries would change to the current project name.
  • Fixed low frequency crash when device is rotated while viewing a drawing.

2022.0801 (08/08/2022)

  • Fixed performance issues and some crashes for companies with a large number of Timecard signatures.
  • In Documents, the Search function now surfaces matching files from any folder in the project, not just the current folder.

2022.0725 (01/08/2022)

  • Resolved crashes when signing timesheets.
  • The app should no longer become unresponsive when you open a link for a project you’ve never opened.
  • Switching to a project that hasn’t been opened before is now faster.
  • The incident form now respects a required Distribution field.
  • The observation Type filter is now multi-select.
  • Added an Assignees filter to Inspections.

2022.0718 (25/07/2022)

  • Fixed cycling through overlapping markups on tap in Drawings.
  • When creating an observation from a template, the system won't populate an assignee that the user isn’t allowed to assign to an observation.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera couldn’t be dismissed when launched while editing a deficiency item in Drawings for some users.

2022.0711 (18/07/2022)

  • Drawings tool now supports granular filters for Observations.
  • In Drawings, when you close a deficiency pin, the pin should now update visually and be filtered appropriately.
  • Some crashes in the Drawings tool have been resolved.
  • In Drawings, the drawer for viewing pin details now remembers its vertical position.
  • Resolved a few issues when creating and signing timesheets.

2022.0627 (11/07/2022)

  • Improved sync performance in the Drawings tool.
  • Search terms should now be highlighted correctly in the Drawings tool.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to share certain types of documents.
  • You can now share PDFs without markup.
  • Fixed an issue where the tool list would only show the Models tool.
  • In the Models tool, when selecting an object, the viewer now chooses the geometry node as the first object if no first object is available.
  • Fixed an issue in Quick Capture that would leave orphaned drawing pins around.

2022.0620 (27/06/2022)

  • Improved sync performance when a tool has custom fields.
  • The camera no longer freezes after opening and closing the photo well.
  • You can now intervene to recover some daily log uploads that are stuck because the day has already been closed.

2022.0613 (21/06/2022)

  • Added Deficiency Item Manager and Final Approver to the default form for Quick Capture.
  • The Environmental record form in Incidents now properly saves decimal values.
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when logging out and logging back in.

2022.0606 (13/06/2022)

  • You can now more easily see and review all of the Quick Capture items on the current drawing.
  • In the Directory tool, the CC field should now be populated correctly for all projects when you email someone.
  • Launching Quick Capture in landscape now works correctly.

2022.0530.2 (09/06/2022)

  • Fixed: Resolved an issue that would make the app freeze for some users.

2022.0530.1 (08/06/2022)

  • Fixed: Custom tools are showing properly again.

2022.0530 (06/06/2022)

  • In the Daily Construction Report log, 'Hours' fields now properly handle non-integer values outside the US.

2022.0523 (30/05/2022)

  • Fixed a crash in Quick Capture when permission for speech recognition was denied.
  • Default assignees for a spoken trade should autofill again in Quick Capture.
  • Timesheets and My Time now respect the project’s default start and stop time.

2022.0516 (23/05/2022)

  • Projects that you were just added to should show up more quickly when you swipe down to refresh the project selector.
  • Crashes when opening the camera on some devices have been resolved.

2022.0509 (16/05/2022)

  • Improved tap to focus functionality in Quick Capture.
  • The app now correctly obeys the "Allow Employees to Select Non-Budgeted Items" Timesheets setting.

2022.0502 (09/05/2022)

  • Resolved a crash that could occur in low memory situations.

2022.0426 (02/05/2022)

  • Fixed the camera on iPhone SE (1st generation).
  • Fixed slow warm up performance in Quick Capture on iOS 14.x devices.

2022.0418 (25/04/2022)

  • New: Finish deficiency walks in half the time with Quick Capture. Use your camera to record and create deficiency items, and Quick Capture will fill in some of the details.
  • Creating a change event line item with no budget code should no longer fail.
  • Fixed an issue where meeting details would sometimes be cut off at the end.
  • Fixed issue with displaying attachments full screen when opened via drawing markup on an iPad.

2022.0411 (18/04/2022)

  • Added a warning when you open a model in the Models tool that was published without a section box.

2022.0405 (11/04/2022)

  • We now show the inspection details after creating an inspection from the home screen.
  • Fixed some navigation issues in drawing comparison mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the default distribution list would show up as a list of commas when creating an observation.

2022.0328 (04/04/2022)

  • Improved the interface for switching lenses in the camera.
  • Fixed an issue with the drawing comparison tool while viewing a drawing set.
  • Fixed some common crashes in the Drawings tool.

2022.0321 (28/03/2022)

  • Fixed a common source of crashes.

2022.0314 (21/03/2022)

  • Fixed an issue where hyperlinks in PDFs would not open in the new document viewer.
  • Fixed an issue where the Done button wasn't working properly in the Crews picker in Timesheets.
  • Added search text highlighting to the Crews/Employee picker in Timesheets.

2022.0307 (14/03/2022)

  • Issues with the Drawings calibration tool in languages other than English have been fixed.

2022.0228 (07/03/2022)

  • Signature uploads will no longer require WiFi when photos require WiFi.
  • Custom Project Directory user fields no longer show users that have been deactivated.

2022.0221 (28/02/2022)

  • The camera now supports using ultra-wide and telephoto lenses.
  • Crashes in the Drawings tool on iOS 14 devices should be resolved.
  • When creating or editing an entry in My Time, the Sub Job and Cost Code fields’ picker options should now be filtered correctly.

2022.0214.1 (23/02/2022)

  • Fixed a crash for some users related to recent drawings.

2022.0214 (21/02/2022)

  • Fixed an issue where some user pickers would be empty after changing projects.
  • Fixed an issue where deficiency items would fail to sync in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where vendor pickers would be empty after changing projects.

2022.0207 (14/02/2022)

  • Improved editing in rich text fields with a large amount of content.
  • Fixed an issue where irrelevant form templates would show up.

2022.0131 (07/02/2022)

  • The quick action for creating a Correspondence item has been fixed.
  • Implemented fixes for missing observation templates and deficiency sync failures.

2022.0124.1 (02/02/2022)

  • Fixed a crash that was occurring for some users when viewing attachments.

2022.0124 (31/01/2022)

  • Increased the number of possible undo steps when working with tape measurements in the Models tool.
  • Fixed an issue where Daily Construction Report log edits sometimes wouldn’t save.
  • Added support for deep links into the T&M Tickets list.

2022.0117 (24/01/2022)

  • Added support for deep links into the Incidents list.

2022.0110 (18/01/2022)

  • Added support for deep links into the Deficiency, RFI and Correspondence lists.
  • Fixed a timezone issue with the Performed On field in the T&M Tickets form.
  • Fixed bulk timecard editing.
  • Fixed an issue where deficiency template categories would go missing when switching projects.

2022.0103 (11/01/2022)

  • Improved support for portrait mode in the Models viewer on iPhone.

2021.1213 (04/01/2022)

  • Attachments for a correspondence item can now be opened from a drawing.
  • Crashes when editing text markups in the Drawings tool have been resolved.
  • Crashes when tapping on the Filters indicator in the Drawings tool have been resolved.