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Manage Daily Logs in the Calendar View (iOS)

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To view and manage daily logs using the Calendar View on an iOS mobile device.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To view the calendar:
    • To approve pending collaborator entries:
    • To complete or reopen a day:
      • 'Admin' on the Daily Log tool.


  1. Navigate to the Daily Log tool on an iOS mobile device.
  2. Tap Calendar View.
    Note: The calendar opens to the date you navigated from. 
  3. The calendar provides an overview of daily logs for the month.

    • A gray dot icon-daily-log-approved-grey-circle.png indicates there are approved entries for the day. 
    • A yellow dot icon-daily-log-pending-yellow-circle.png indicates there are pending entries for the day.
    • A day highlighted in green indicates the day has been marked as complete.
  4. Tap the date on the calendar you want to open. 
    Note: You can navigate between months using the arrow keys. 
  5. The following actions are available when you select a day:
    • Tap View Day to view all logs and entries for the day in a list view.
    • Tap Review Pending to review pending entries for the day. 
      • Choose from the following options:
        • Select individual entries to approve:
          1. Tap Select.
          2. Tap the entries you want to approve. 
          3. Swipe across Approve Selected Entries.
        • Approve all entries for the day:
          1. Swipe across Approve All Entries.
    • Tap Complete Day to mark the day as complete. 
      • Choose from the following:
        • Complete & Distribute: Tap if you want to send the daily log to the members of the distribution list.
        • Complete Only: Tap if you want to complete the day without notifying members of the distribution list. 
    • If the day has been completed and you need to add or manage entries, tap Reopen Day.
      • Tap Re-Open to confirm you want to reopen the day. 
    • To check if there are any updates to the daily log, tap Refresh.