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About the Sidebar Screen (iOS)



This content is part of the new mobile design that Procore is rolling out over the next two weeks. Settings that affect your overall Procore app are now located here under App Preferences and are separate from your project notification settings - see Manage Project Settings


To access the user Home screen and account settings from the Sidebar screen on the Procore iOS app.


  1. Open the Procore app on an iOS mobile device. 
  2. Navigate to the Sidebar screen by tapping the top menu icon-hamburger-menu-mobile.pngicon.
    Tip! You can also swipe right to get to this screen.  
  3. Choose from the following sections, depending on your task:

How to get to Sidebar Navigation screen_90percent smaller version.png

Profile Information & QR Code

The top of your Sidebar Navigation screen has all or some of these elements:

  • Your avatar or initials. 
  • Email address.
  • QR code: Tap on it to view your personal QR code that others can scan to quickly add you to projects. 
    Note: Procore users who signed up via the Procore Construction Network (PCN) have a personal QR code that displays here. Other users can access their QR code through the Directory tool. See Add a User to a Project Using Their Profile Code (iOS).

My Account


Navigate to Home icon-home.png to view a list of your recent projects and explore training materials. See Home Screen (iOS).


Manage your app preferences and access support and legal information in the Settings section. Read about each Settings subsections below. 
Note: To manage a particular project's settings or notifications, see Manage Project Settings (iOS).  

App Preferences

Tap App Preferences icon-settings-gear-grey3.png to enable dark mode, manage how you want photos stored, and more. See App Preferences (iOS).
Note: To manage a specific project's settings or notifications, see Manage Project Settings (iOS).  

Support & Feedback

Tap Support & Feedback icon-help.png to access user guides, release notes, support and more:

  • Ask the Community: Post a question to your community of Procore users and employees.
  • Report Issue: Report an issue you are experiencing in the app. This sends an email with app information (such as the Procore app version your device is currently using) to Procore Support.
    NoteIf you contact support regarding a mobile issue, a support representative may ask you to report an issue in this way.
  • Call Support: Contact Procore Support via phone.
  • User Guides: Access Procore Mobile (iOS) articles on the Procore Support website.
  • Release Notes: View a list of recent mobile app changes.
  • Procore Certification: Access a set of training courses aligned with your role or goals. Earn a verifiable certificate after completion of a training series. 
  • Training Center: Access advanced training courses. Most courses take between 10 to 90 minutes to complete. 
  • Rate App: Rate the Procore app in the app store. 


Tap Legal icon-legal.png to access the following information:

  • Privacy Policy: Procore's Privacy Policy.
  • Terms of Service: The rules, requirements, restrictions, and limitations that apply to using Procore applications.


Tap Logout at the bottom of the screen to sign out of Procore's mobile app. 

App Version

The version of the Procore app you are using is listed at the bottom of the screen.