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Procore (en-CA)

End of Support for Internet Explorer 9 & 10

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Announcement Date: June 23, 2016


When is support ending?

Effective August 1, 2016, Internet Explorer 9 & 10 will no longer be supported by Procore.

Why is Procore no longer supporting these browser versions?

Microsoft discontinued technical support and security updates for IE 9 and IE 10 on January 12, 2016. This means these browsers are not being updated with the latest technology advancements and security improvements designed to provide users with a rich and secure Internet experience. For details, see the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy.

What browsers will be supported and how do I upgrade?

Procore works best when Javascript is enabled for one of these supported web browsers:



What are the benefits of upgrading to a supported browser?

  • Faster Service Delivery. Procore can deliver new features, functions, and fixes to the Procore web application more efficiently.
  • Richer Internet Experience. Procore’s innovative tools leverage the latest technologies available to provide our users with rich, interactive features that offer the fastest response times possible.
  • Fewer Security Vulnerabilities. With rapidly changing technology, it is important for Procore to ensure our customer’s have access to the latest security updates, patches, and fixes for the safest Internet experience possible.

What happens if I don’t upgrade my browser?

For companies and users who continue to access Procore using an unsupported web browser, you may experience:

  • Performance issues and bugs that only appear in IE 9 or IE 10, which will not be investigated or fixed.
  • Existing features and functionality that no longer work in IE 9 or IE 10 will not be fixed.
  • Future features may not work properly since they are designed for our supported browsers.