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Coordination Issues: List View Improvements

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: April 2, 2020

Side View Panel for Reviewing Coordination Issues

Users reviewing coordination issues in the Coordination Issues tool on the Procore web application can now click anywhere in an issue's row to open a side panel that displays additional details of the issue. This design improvement increases efficiency with a seamless web viewer integration experience that allows users to view an issue's information without navigating away from the Coordination Issues main page. See View a Coordination Issue.



Why is this important?

Previously, the only way to access issue-specific data in the Coordination Issues tool required users to click on the issue from the list view on the main page, which would open the individual issue's information on a new page. Instead of navigating back and forth between the issue list and an individual issue's info, the new side view panel allows users to review open issues, access relevant information, and change an issue's status without leaving the page. This is designed to make reviewing and updating issues on the web as easy as it is on the plugin.

Information Available in the Side Panel

When you click on the coordination issue you want to review, the new side panel will display the following information that can be edited:

  • Status: The status that the coordination issue is currently in.
    An issue can be associated with the following statuses:
    • Open
    • Elevated to RFI
    • Released by RFI
    • Ready for Review
    • Closed
    • Moved to Observation
      • Click on the Actions drop-down menu to change an issue's status.
      • 'Closed' and 'Moved to Observation' statuses will only display the Reopen action.
  • Title: The title given to the coordination issue.
  • Location: The location of the issue.
    Note: A project's locations are managed in the project's Admin tool. See Add Tiered Locations to a Project.
  • Assignee: The user selected to be responsible for resolving the issue.
  • Due Date: The due date selected for the coordination issue.
  • Source File: The Source File field is automatically populated with the name of the file that the issue was created from in Navisworks®.
  • RFIs: Displays links to RFIs related to the coordination issue.
  • Drawings: Displays links to drawings related to the coordination issue.

To open the issue on a new page, click on the 'Open Full Screen' icon located at the top of the side panel view. The following tasks are available on the full-screen page:

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