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Coordination Issues: Mention Users in a Coordination Issue Comment

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: August 9, 2019  /  Feature Released: September 12, 2019



This release is part of the new Coordination Hub experience for the Coordination Issues tool that will help the entire project team collaborate in real time with commenting, @mention functionality, and the ability to reassign issues. These actions are organized and tracked in a centralized 'Activity' feed panel that exists for each coordination issue. See New 'Activity Feed' for Coordination Issues and Reassign a Coordination Issue for more information. 

Use the @Mention Feature to Send Email Notifications to Users

A feature has been added to the Coordination Issues tool that allows users to use the @ symbol to "mention" others in a comment. See Mention Users in a Coordination Issue Comment. After you @mention another user on a coordination issue, an email notification is automatically be sent to the user. The email states that the user was mentioned in a comment, and a link is available to take the user directly to the coordination issue in Procore. 

All comments for a coordination issue are organized and stored in its 'Activity' panel that is visible on both the Coordination Issues tool and the Procore plugin in Navisworks®. See View the Activity Feed of a Coordination Issue.


When adding a comment to a coordination issue, a list of users to select will appear after typing "@" in the comment. The list of users to select from will update depending on what letters you enter after the @ symbol. For example, if you type "@S", a list of users with "S" in their first or last name will appear (see image below). 
Note: You can mention multiple users in a comment by repeating this process to select each user. 

Any user with 'Read Only' or higher permissions to the project's Coordination Issues tool can @mention another user when adding a comment to an issue, but only users with 'Read Only' or higher permissions can be @mentioned.


Why is this important?

The @mention feature allows for more focused and relevant notifications, as opposed to email notifications being sent to all users on a Distribution or Assignee list for every action or update that occurs. When team members need input from others on an issue, they can @mention users to instantly notify them, as opposed to having to manually send multiple emails to assignees (or users on a distribution list that might not be involved in the actual issue).

In addition, this allows for project collaborators who might not be directly involved in the coordination process (e.g. concrete foreman, facilities managers, engineers, and other stakeholders) to be pulled in as needed to answer questions and provide input on areas of their expertise.

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