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ERP Integrations: New Change Orders ERP Integration Tab

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: September 11, 2019  /  Feature Released: October 22, 2019


New ERP Integration Tab for Change Orders

Procore has added a new, dedicated tab on Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs) and Commitment Change Orders (CCOs). This tab gives ERP-integrated project users the ability to map a change order's Schedule of Values (SOV) to contracts that are synced with an integrated ERP system.


The new ERP Integrations tab is designed to give project manager's a designated space to view and update line item associations before sending a change order to the ERP Integrations tool to be reviewed for export to an integrated ERP system by an accounting approver. See What is the accounting approver role?

Where is the new tab in Procore?

When all of the information listed below is true, the new ERP Integration tab will be visible to end users when viewing, creating, or editing a change order in the Change Orders tab of the Prime Contract or Commitments tool:

  • The company's Procore account is configured to work with an integrated ERP system.
  • The project is syncing prime contracts with Sage 300 CRE® or Integration by Ryvit: Viewpoint® Vista™.
  • The project is syncing commitments (e.g., purchase orders and subcontracts) with QuickBooks® Desktop, Sage 100 Contractor®, Sage 300 CRE®, Integration by Procore: Viewpoint® Spectrum®, and Integration by Ryvit: Viewpoint® Vista™. 
What permissions do I need?

To view the new ERP Integration tab, you must be assigned 'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions on the Change Orders tool.

How does this change affect the workflow for change orders?

Whether you are using 1-, 2-, or 3-tier change order configuration, the existing workflow for change orders and sending a change order to ERP Integrations tool for export approval is NOT affected by this update. With the current workflow, users who create Potential Change Orders (PCOs) are required to associate each line item on their change order to a contract line item. To do this, users can either add a new contract line item or select an existing contract line item using the existing process. However, users will now also have the option to manage those line item assignments from the new ERP Integration tab. 

When creating a change order against a ERP-synced contract, each line item on a change order must be mapped to an SOV line item on a prime contract or a commitment. This requirement is specific to Procore company account's that are using the ERP Integrations tool to sync data between Procore and an integrated ERP system.


The illustration below shows the new ERP Integration tab and the Contract Line Item Assignments table. After a change order is created, users can click the Associated Contract Line Item cell to either create a new contract line item on to select an existing contract line item from the drop-down list. When all the line items are updated, users can click Save. To send any updates to the ERP Integrations tool, click Send to ERP. The accounting approver can then accept or reject the commitment for export to your integrated ERP system. 


Once exported, a green ERP icon appears to indicate the status of the synchronization process, as shown below. For details about the different icons users might encounter while using this new feature, see What do the ERP icons mean? Note that once assignments are sent to ERP Integrations, they can no longer be updated. 




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