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Inspections: New Inspections Response Options

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: March 22, 2019  /  Feature Released: May 17, 2019


New Inspections Response Options

In Procore's Inspections tool, you can configure your inspection templates to include responses in numerical, free-form text, and date formats! In addition to providing more options, these new response types also allow for better reporting. You can view text and date responses on your inspections reports and aggregate number responses. This provides more visibility into the data you're capturing in your inspections!

These additional response options can be added to both Project level and Company level Inspection templates. When adding a new inspection item to a template you can choose one of the following response types:

  • New! Date: Users can respond to items by adding an appropriate date.
  • New! Text:  Users can respond to items with free-form text. There is no character limit to text responses.
  • New! Number: Users can respond to items in the form of any positive or negative number up to 11 characters.
  • Standard: Users can respond to items by selecting Pass/Safe, Fail/At Risk, or N/A.
  • Multiple Response

When your team performs inspections in the field from a Procore web or mobile application, they can select the response option appropriate for the item.


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