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Photos: New Granular Permissions for the Photos Tool

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: November 12, 2019


New Granular Permissions Added for the Photos Tool

Procore has added four new granular permissions for the Photos tool that can be applied to permission templates in the Company level Directory tool. See Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template: Photos
Note: Some actions for the Photos tool are not available on the Procore iOS and Android apps, and the new granular permissions are currently only respected in the Procore Web app. For example, a user with the 'Create Photo Album' granular permission would not be able to create a photo album from the iOS or Android app. 

  • Create Photo Album: Allows a user to create a new photo album in the project's Photos tool. See Create a Photo Album.
    Note: Since 'Standard' level users can create a photo album, the 'Create Photo Album' granular permission cannot be disabled while 'Standard' permission is selected for the Photos tool on the permission template.
  • Delete Photo Album: Allows a user to delete any photo album in the project's Photos tool. See Delete a Photo Album
  • Reorder Photo Albums: Allows a user to reorder photo albums in the project's Photos tool. See Reorder Photo Albums.
  • View Private Photo Albums: Allows a user to view photo albums that are marked as Private. See Mark an Album as Private.
    Note: This permission only allows a user to view the name of a private photo album. It does not allow a user to view the photos inside the album, and the album will instead appear as an empty photo album.

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