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Procore: Enhanced Navigation Bar & Menu Improvements

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: January 9, 2019  /  Feature Released: January 14, 2019


New! Enhanced Navigation Bar & Menu Improvements

Procore will be releasing some improvements to the navigation bar in the web application ( 

Updated the Company and Project Level Menus

To provide users with a visually simple way to distinguish between working in Procore at the Company or Project level, the Company level menu now has a black background and the Project level menu now has a white background. In addition, the labels on the toolbox have been changed to "Company Tools" and "Project Tools," as shown below. 

Updated Company Level Menu

The Company level menu now has a black background and the label on the menu has been changed from Toolbox to Company Tools. 


Updated Project Level Menu

The Project level menu continues to have a white background and the label on the menu has been changed from Toolbox to Project Tools. We’ve also removed the product line icons and updated the menu’s columns to reduce horizontal scrolling for those with smaller browser sizes.


Replaced the Back Arrow with a Home Icon 

The arrow icon in the top left corner of the navigation bar will be replaced with a Home icon. Clicking this icon directs all users to your company's list of projects in the Portfolio tool. 


Increased Space to Better Accommodate Company and Project Names

We also removed the icon from the Select a Project drop-down list to increase the amount of display space available for company and project names. Company names now allow for eight (8) additional characters and project names now allow for four (4) additional characters. This helps to improve your ability to read your company and project names in the navigation bar.



When can I use the new navigation bar? 

The updated navigation bar will be deployed to all Procore users in January 2019. 

Can I switch back to the previous version of the navigation bar? 

No. While many users have become accustomed to their navigation bar, our dedicated User Experience (UX) team has thoroughly researched and designed these new updates to provide all Procore users with a consistent user experience. In addition, these changes are also specifically designed to accommodate future tools and features that are being planned for the Procore web application in 2019. 

Can I change the way tools are grouped in the navigation bar? 

No. Because the Procore web application now comprises over fifty (50) unique tools, providing all of our users with a standard and consistent navigation is essential. This is especially true since a significant portion of our user base has been granted access permission more than one Procore company account. If custom groupings were permitted, it would be frustrating for a significant number of end users to find tools when switching between company accounts. In addition, it would be difficult for Procore's Customer Success and Support teams to efficiently train and assist your end users. If you want to customize the the navigation bar, we recommend using the "Favorites" feature to match your desired navigational preferences. 

Which web browsers will support the new navigation bar? 

The new navigation bar will function as expected when using any of the supported web browsers. Which web browsers are supported by Procore?

Where will my custom tools be listed in the new navigation bar?  

All custom tools will be available under a dedicated "Custom" grouping section. 


Where can I share my feedback? 

We always encourage and appreciate honest feedback from our users. Feel free and send us a quick email at

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