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RFIs: Create Custom RFI Stages to Use for Numbering Prefixes

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: October 19, 2018  /  Updated: December 12, 2018  /  Feature Released: January 14, 2019


RFIs: Create Custom RFI Stages to Use for Numbering Prefixes

To help users better organize their project's collection of RFIs, Procore has updated the Project level RFIs tool. Users with 'Admin' level permission on the RFIs tool can now create a predefined list of RFI prefixes and abbreviation, based on Company Level Project Stages. Once enabled, in order to populate an RFI number, a prefix must be selected first, thus keeping the numbers in separate groups. This update includes the following features:

  • An RFI Prefix Number Checkbox in the Configure Settings Page
    Initially, this setting will be on the backend of Procore and will be rolled out to end users gradually. Once the configuration is turned ON in your company account and projects, a user with 'Admin' level permission on the RFIs tool will have the ability to turn this feature ON in the Configure Settings page.  This setting is NOT available on existing Procore projects, it is only available on new Procore projects. 
  • A new 'Stages' drop-down list to the Create RFI Form
    For users with access permission to create RFIs (see Create an RFI), Procore has added a new "RFI Prefix Number by Stage' area on the RFI Types page under Configure Settings.  This provides users with 'Admin' level permission on the RFIs tool with the ability to select a project stage to assign an RFI number. 



In future releases, you will be able to enable and disable the stages that you want (or don't want) to make available on a project.  In addition, you will also be able to create custom stage options on the Configure Setting stage. However, custom stages will be project-specific and will not update the stages that are available in the Company level Admin tool. 

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