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Custom Tools: FAQ

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about custom tools.

Can I create a custom tool by myself?

No. Custom Tools can only be created by members of the Custom Solutions Team. However, you can work closely with a Custom Solutions representative to ensure the right tool(s) are built for your company and its projects.

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Can I design a custom tool from scratch?

No. A custom tool is a generic, pre-built tool that can be enabled for your company account or for one or more projects. After it is enabled, the Custom Solutions Team can work with you to:

To learn how to complete a request, see Request Services from Custom Solutions.

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Is there a limit to the number of custom tools that can be created?

No. Procore customers can work with the Custom Solutions Team to create as many custom tools as needed. Remember that working with the Custom Solutions Team is an add-on service and requires your company to have custom hours. The number of hours required for each solution may vary, depending on the complexity of the task. For more information, please see Request Services from Custom Solutions

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Can custom tools exist at both the company and project level?

Yes. A custom tool can be incorporated into the Procore navigation menu and listed under the 'Custom' area in the Company Tools or Project Tools menu. To learn how to turn your new custom tool ON, see How do I turn on my custom tool?

Custom Tools Area in Company Tools Menu

Below is an example of the Custom Tools area in the Company Tools menu.


Custom Tools Area in Project Tools Menu

Below is an example of the Custom Tools area in the Project Tools menu.


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Can I mark certain data entry fields as required on a custom tool?

No. At this time, fields added to a custom tool cannot be set as a required data entry field. To learn more about custom field, see Get Started with Custom Fields.

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How do I turn ON my custom tool?

After your custom tool has been created by the Custom Solutions Team, you can enable it as you would enable any other tool in Procore. 

To add a custom tool to the Project Tools menu under Custom Tools:

  1. Navigate to the project's Admin tool.
  2. Under Project Settings, click Active Tools.
  3. Place a mark in the checkbox for your new custom tool.
  4. Click Update.

To see where custom tools are added in the menus, see Can custom tools exist at both the company and project level?

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Can an existing Procore tool be replicated?

No. While it is possible to create a custom tool with a similar look and feel, functionality beyond what is defined in Available Fields for a Custom Tool is not available at this time. 

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Can a custom tool include data from an existing Procore tool?

No. Custom tools are isolated from all other Procore tools. The generic, pre-built custom tool that the Custom Solutions Team uses as the base for creating your tool does NOT support the capability to access data from other Procore tools. However, if your company is willing to manually re-enter the data that you need from other tools, you can always complete a request to add a custom text field or custom text area to your custom tool. To learn more about those custom text field options, see Available Field Options & Types.

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Can a custom tool include prefilled data entry fields?

Yes, but limited. At this time, the generic, pre-built custom tool only offers prefill (a.k.a., autofill) capabilities for the Description and Due Date fields, which can be filled out in the tool's Configure Settings. However, there are also a few options where project-wide data can be selected on a form (e.g., selecting a single user from a list of users in the Project Directory). In addition, data from the project's Admin tool can be populated to a custom form for export to a PDF file. For more information, see Get Started with Custom Forms

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How do I control user access permissions for a custom tool?

In Procore, permissions templates are used to manage user access to all Procore tools, including any custom tools. See What is a permissions template? In addition, your Procore Administrator manages whether or not the tool is turned ON in your company account's projects. To learn how to to turn a custom tool ON, see How do I turn on my custom tool?

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Can I create custom statuses to use with my custom tool?

Yes. If your custom tool is NOT using a custom workflow, you can add custom statuses. However, if you are using a custom workflow, custom statuses are NOT available and you are limited to the default status options of OpenClosed, and Draft

  1. Complete the steps in How do I turn on my custom tool?
  2. Navigate to your custom tool.
  3. Click Configure Settings.
  4. Scroll to Statuses
  5. Enter the name in the Add New Status box. 
  6. Click Add Status.
    • Your statuses can be sorted in the list view. 
    • The OpenClosed, and Draft statuses are hard-coded and cannot be removed or modified. 

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Can I export data from a custom tool as a CSV or PDF?

Yes. Most data can be exported to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) or Portable Document File (PDF) file format. Please note that there may be certain situations where data cannot be exported from Procore.

Also note that CSV files have two (2) export options:

  • All Item Information.
  • List Page Only

A user with 'Admin' permission on the custom tool can choose which setting is used in the Configure Settings page for the custom tool. Below is an example of the CSV export configuration setting for a custom tool. The example shown in for our custom tool demo (a.k.a., the Letters tool). 


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Can custom tools be made available on Procore's mobile application (iOS or Android)?

Yes, your Procore point of contact or the Customs Solutions team can enable a Custom Tool on mobile for you. Supported functionality in the mobile application interface is dependent on the complexity of the tool itself. Certain data fields and user actions may not be supported. When submitting a Custom Tool request, be sure to inform the Custom Solutions representative that you would like the tool to be available on mobile.

Note: At this time, Custom Tools with both workflow and mobile functionality are not supported. Once a workflow is added to a Custom Tool, it will no longer be available on mobile. 

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Can I report on custom tools?

Yes, however the reporting is limited. Company Level Project Rollup Reports are the only reports that can be created for custom tools. These reports can be created on the Company Level Reports tool under Project Rollup Reports. When a report is created, the exported PDF will display data that is shown on the List View page of the Custom Tool and the exported CSV will display every field included within the custom tool. Reports show every active project using the tool. 

Note: Project Rollup Reports will only show data from custom tools, not from any of Procore's default tools.

What are the limitations of custom tools?

When working with the Custom Solutions Team to add custom tools to Procore, please be aware of the following limitations:

Category Limitation Explanation Alternative
Assignee Responses Cannot remove the 'Assignee Responses' verbiage from the bottom of the item view page The 'Assignee Responses' verbiage cannot be removed, even when the 'Assigned To' feature is not being used. gray-x-icon.png
Email Cannot modify email content Email content cannot be customized. gray-x-icon.png
Email Distribution Cannot create default distribution groups or distribution lists for the custom tool Email messages from a custom tool (or added through a custom workflow) require you to add distribution recipients on each individual email. gray-x-icon.png
Fields Cannot modify standard fields Standard fields included with the generic, pre-built tool cannot be modified (e.g., Title, #, Assigned To and so on).  Standard fields can be removed from the tool, if desired.
  Cannot prefill (a.k.a., auto-fill) fields with input See Can a custom tool include prefilled data entry fields? gray-x-icon.png
  Cannot incorporate fields from other Procore tools See Can a custom tool include data from an existing Procore tool? Use the controls in the Related Items tab
  Cannot perform calculations Standard and custom fields cannot be added to Procore in order to perform calculations. gray-x-icon.png
Filter By Options Cannot remove 'Assigned To' and 'Status' filter options The 'Assigned To' and 'Status' filter options cannot be hidden from the sidebar (even if the function is not being used in the tool). gray-x-icon.png
  Cannot customize filter options The options in the Filter By menu cannot be customized or rearranged. gray-x-icon.png
  Cannot modify the default filter applied on a list page A list page will always open with the 'Open' status selected by default in the Filter by menu. This cannot be modified. gray-x-icon.png
Mobile Assignee functionality is not available on custom tools on mobile The Assignee Response functionality does not exist on mobile. Use the assignee function on web
  Mobile missing functionality/list view List Views for custom tools on mobile are not able to be customized. gray-x-icon.png
PDF Cannot create customized project-specific PDF content PDF content can only be created at the company level and applied to individual projects.  gray-x-icon.png

Cannot define custom permissions

Note: Granular permissions are now available.

The standard permissions matrix and permission template feature cannot be modified. Use Manage Project Permissions Templates to control user access to custom forms
  Cannot define field-level permissions Field-level permissions are NOT supported gray-x-icon.png
Private Cannot bulk-apply item privacy to items  Individual items must be marked as private using the Private checkbox. gray-x-icon.png
Search Cannot extend search fields beyond the standard fields available with a custom tool Only searches Number (#), Title and Description Standard fields. All other fields are not included in the search scope.  gray-x-icon.png
Standard Fields Cannot add functionality to the standard fields included with a custom tool  For a description of the fields and supported functions, see Available Fields for a Custom Tool. gray-x-icon.png
Workflow Cannot use custom statuses Workflows are designed to only support the Open, Closed and Draft status. gray-x-icon.png
  Cannot be supported on Mobile Custom workflows are designed to be used only by the Procore web application gray-x-icon.png

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