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Below are the notable changes to the company's Prequalifications tool in 2020.

Create and Edit Custom Questions on the Prequalification Form (25/6/2020)

Procore has added the ability to create and edit custom questions on the Company level Prequalifications tool using the Prequalification form. This functionality allows you to capture the most relevant and job specific information from prospects when determining their prequalification status. 

Added Configuration Settings to the Prequalifications Tool (18/3/2020)

Users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Prequalifications tool now have he option to hide qualification information (i.e., the 'Prequalification Status' and the expiration date) in the Prequalification Portal tool from companies that were invited to prequalify. See Configure Advanced Settings: Prequalifications.

New Prequalifications Tool (27/1/2020)

With the new Prequalifications tool, you can configure the prequalification form and invite companies to prequalify. Once a prequalification form has been submitted, you can then review, comment, create a change request and prequalify a company.