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Procore (en-CA)

View the User Sessions Report for the Projects in Your Company Account


To view the User Sessions Report in the company's Reports tool.


The Company level User Sessions Report provides you with a summary of all the active user sessions in your company's Procore account. You can apply filters to this report to narrow the results displayed to a specific Project, User, or Tab (a.k.a. a Procore tool). The default range for this report is seven (7) calendar days and you can use a calendar control to define the report's start date. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • 'Admin' level permission on the company's Reports tool.
  • Supported Export File Format:
    • PDF
  • Alternate Methods:


  1. Navigate to your company's Reports tool.
  2. Under Project Reports, click User Sessions.
  3. (Optional) Apply one or more filters:

    • Project. Choose between selecting All or one (1) Procore project. This limits the report data to the selected project. 
    • User. Select one (1) Procore user from the list to limit the report data to for the selected user. 
    • Tab. Select one (1) Procore tool from the list to limit the report data for the selected tool. 
    • For 7 days starting from. Select the start date for your seven (7) day report range. 
      The report includes the following information:

    • Date/Time. The date and time that the user session took place.
    • Project. The project that the user actions occurred.
    • User. The user performing the actions.
    • Tab. Which tab the user action took place.
    • URL. A URL that directs you to where the user action occurred.