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Edit a Sub Job in a Procore Project


To edit a sub job to a Procore project using the project's Admin tool. 


In Procore, a sub job allows you to compartmentalize job costs within a project. Once they are added to Procore (or imported via an integrated ERP system) you can monitor your project budgets and costs against them to help you better determine if you are making money on your project. For example, if your project is a multi-story commercial building, you might create a separate sub job for the build of each floor. Or, if your project is a multi-unit development, you might create a separate sub job for each individual structure.

After a sub job has been created, you can issue specific line items on the Schedule of Values (SOV) for a change order to the sub job.

Things to Consider​




  1. Navigate to the project's Admin tool.
  2. Click on Sub Jobs.
    • If the Sub Jobs link is not visible or available, the Sub Jobs option has NOT been enabled on your company's Procore account. Your company's Procore Administrator must request to enable this feature on your account.
    • Before you can add a sub job to a project, a standard cost code list must be added at the company level. See Add and Edit Company Cost Codes. For sub jobs, cost codes are copied over from the company level standard cost code list and not the project level cost code list.
    • If your company has enabled the ERP Integrations tool, you cannot create a sub job in Procore. You must create the sub job in your integrated ERP system and then import them. See Which integrated ERP systems support the 'Sub Job' concept? 
  3. Click on the Sub Job name.
  4. Type the updated Sub Job name. 
    Note: The system automatically saves your update when you click out of the field.

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