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Enable Advanced Forecasting in Procore

 Limited Release

Procore’s 'Advanced Forecasting' feature is primarily designed for Owners using Project Financials and must be enabled for you by Procore. If you are a General Contractor or Subcontractor who wants to learn more about how your team can benefit from this tool, ask your Procore Administrator to send an email to your company's Procore point of contact. To learn more about the request and setup process, see the steps below.


To submit a request to enable the advanced forecasting feature for use with the Project level Budget tool. 


Your company's Procore Administrator can request to enable the advanced forecasting feature for the Budget tool by submitting an email request to your Procore point of contact. After the feature is enabled in your company's Procore account, the following features become available for use:

  • Company Level Admin Tool
    • A 'Forecasting' tab and 'Set Up New Forecasting View' options in the  Company Admin tool. This gives your company's Procore Administrator the ability to:
      • Assign the 'Procore Standard Forecast' view to active projects in your company's Procore account.
      • Choose the Forecasting Column to Spread. 
      • Create customized forecasting views for use on active projects in your company's Procore account. 
  • Project Level Budget Tool
    • An 'Enable Advanced Forecasting' checkbox in the Configure Settings page of the Budget tool.  This provides users with 'Admin' permission on the Budget tool to enable advanced forecasting on specific projects. 
    • After it is enabled on a project, the 'Forecasting' tab becomes available to users in the project's Budget tool. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To request to enable this feature in your company's Procore account, you must be your company's Procore Administrator.



  1. Send an email request to your Procore point of contact and include a hyperlink to your company's Procore account.
  2. Wait for your Procore point of contact to confirm that the feature is enabled.
  3. Continue with the Next Step