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Procore (en-CA)

Approve or Reject Daily Log Entries Sent from a Connected Project


 In Beta
Procore Connect is a feature that allows you to send items from one project to another after setting up a project connection. If you would like to join the beta, please reach out to your Procore point of contact.


To approve or reject Manpower or Notes log entries that were sent from a connected project in Procore.


After setting up a connection with another Procore project on the Project Connections page in the project's Admin tool, entries from the Manpower and Notes sections of the Daily Log can be sent to the other project. This is useful if two separate companies are both using Procore and want to save time by sending items to the other project.

After the entries are sent, an 'Admin' user can approve or reject the entries and the chosen status will be reflected in both accounts. Similar to collaborator entries, Daily Log items that are sent to your company from a connected project will automatically show up for that day as a pending item. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' or 'Admin' permissions on the project's Daily Log tool.
      Note: If you do not have 'Admin' permissions, you can only send entries that you have created. 
  • Additional Information:
    • After an entry has been sent to a connected project, it cannot be retrieved and is now the other account's data. Any changes made to your project's entry after sending will not be reflected in the other project. 
    • Only entries from the Manpower and Notes logs can be sent to another project. Data from the following fields are carried over to the sent entries in the connected project:
      • Manpower: Workers, Hours, Attachments and Comments
      • Notes: Comments and Attachments



  1. Navigate to the project's Daily Log tool.
  2. Any entries that were sent are denoted with a yellow 'Pending' status that lists the company and project name that they were sent from.
  3. Choose whether to approve or reject each entry:
Approve a Daily Log Entry
  1. Click Approve on the entry you want to approve.
  2. Click Approve in the window to confirm you want to add the entry to the day's log.


Reject a Daily Log Entry
  1. Click Reject on the entry you want to reject.
  2. Click Reject in the window to confirm you want to reject the shared item.
    Note: The creator of the entry will receive an email that the entry has been rejected. The entry shows a red 'Rejected' status in the Daily Log tool for both projects. The creator of the entry in the other project will have the option to edit the entry and Resubmit the item. 

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