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  • Updated the Change History Subtab to Better Track Adds to the Directory (3/12/2015). Improved the way changes are tracked to help users with 'Admin' level permissions to the Project level Directory tool identify a Procore user who might be inadvertently creating unwanted entries for persons or companies using alternative spellings. For example, one user might create a company named "Bayview Plumbing" and then a different user might create a duplicate using an alternate spelling such as, "Bayview Plumbing Inc." The Change History subtab now records all create actions and the Action By column now populates with the name of the user who created the company or person in the Directory.


  • Standard Users Can Bulk Add Users From The Company Directory To The Project Directory (23/10/2015). A 'Standard' level user can use the "Bulk Add from Co. Directory" button to add users from the Company level directory to an individual project. (Note: A user with 'Admin' permissions on the Directory tool must first enable this functionality in the tool's advanced configuration settings.) See Bulk Add Users to a Project and How do I allow standard users to add to the project Directory?
  • Added Ability to Assign Permission Templates to Users On Project Level (6/10/2015). Added the ability for Admin level users to assign a permission template at the project level directory to a new user.


  • Export The Entire Directory List (25/7/2015). You can now export your entire Directory list (when in the "People and Companies" view) instead of only the page that is currently displayed. When you export a large directory that has multiple pages, you will receive an email with a PDF attached. If it's only a single page export, the PDF will be download immediately to your computer.


  • Fixed Location Of "Remove from Project" Prompt (24/6/2015). When a user clicked "Remove from Project" in the Project level Directory tab, the prompt to remove the associated company and people would appear incorrectly in the right sidebar. This has been fixed; the prompt now appears on a popup fancybox window.


  • Updated User's Activity On Directory (12/5/2015). The "User Last Logged In" information will now only update when the Procore user logs in and it will no longer include the exact time of login. The login information is also now company-specific. 

  • Added User Activity In The Directory (7/5/2015). Added a new feature that displays the Date/Time a user last used Procore at the top of their contact edit page in the Directory. This allows Directory aAmins to monitor how often their contacts are logging in and using Procore.

  • Added Link To Company In People Grouped By Company View (7/5/2015). When viewing a directory as "People Grouped by Company", each company heading now has a link to the company's profile.


  • Company Now Has Link In Directory (1/2015). When viewing a directory as "People Grouped by Company", each company heading now has a link to the company's profile.