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  • Added Links to Spec Sections in Submittal Packages (17/12/2015). Updated the Submittals tool to make the Spec Sections links included in Submittal Packages active.
  • Added a Banner to the Submittals Tool (29/12/2015). Added a banner in the Submittals tool that gives users with 'Admin' level permissions to the tool the ability to distribute a package when there is either a response from an approver or when the submittal approval workflow has been completed. The banner shows the "Submittal Distributed" message next to the date and also includes a Redistribute link on the right side. The area below the banner shows From/To information, Message text, Responses and a link to download attachments.
  • Added a Response Column to the Submittals Tool (29/12/2105). Added a Response column to the right side of the table in the Submittals tool to show when a package is distributed. This column lists each approver's response in the Submittal record.
  • Removed the Submittals Timestamp from the Project Home Page (23/12/2015). If your organization has opted to have Procore enable the Sequential Approval Workflow in the Submittals tool, the timestamp for submittal packages that used to display in the Recently Changed Items column on the project Home page has now been removed. Now, only the date shows.
  • Added Popup Notification To Remind User that Submitting a 'Pending' Response Doesn't Change the Ball In Court Person (4/12/2015). Added a new popup message in the Submittals tool that reads: "Note: Submitting a 'Pending' response will not change the Ball in Court." This message appears after the Ball In Court person responds to a Submittal and attempts to submit a 'Pending' response.


  • Added Ability to Change Submittal Package Number (11/19/15). A user is now able to change the submittal package number when the Submittal Package workflow is enabled.
  • Dates Are Now Sortable Fields On Submittal Custom Reports (11/12/15). "Anticipated Delivery Date," "Confirmed Delivery Date," and "Actual Delivery Date" are now sortable fields on Submittal custom reports. 
  • Added "BIC Due Date" Column Option to Submittal Custom Reports (11/12/15). On Submittal custom reports, added a column option for "BIC Due Date" which gives the due date for the current BIC.


  • Added Submittal Package Spec Section Number And Description Columns To Submittal Log Import Template (10/29/15). Added Submittal Package Spec Section Number and Description columns to Submittal Log import template and import process.


  • Added A Response Summary To Submittal Packages (8/24/15). Added a response summary to the Submittal Package show page. When logged in as the current Ball In Court for a Submittal Package, a summary of the previous Ball In Court's response is viewable (Comments, attachments and and responses).

  • Action Required Email Now Sent When A User Is Set As The Ball In Court On Submittals (8/11/15). When setting a user as Ball In Court by clicking "Set As Ball In Court" from the Submittal Package show page, the new Ball In Court user will now get an Action Required email.

  • Improved Breadcrumbs in Submittals (8/5/15). In the Submittals tool, the breadcrumbs for a submittal item will now reflect the package that it is a part of. In addition, after drilling into a submittal item from the package view of the list page, hitting the Submittals tab will now take you back to the package view. 

  • Applied "Sticky Filters" To Spec Section And Package View (8/5/15). Expanded the new Submittals filtering paradigm to include the package, spec section and recycle bin views of the submittal log. 


  • Added Related Items Subtab to Submittal Packages (7/27/15). Submittal Packages will now have a "Related Items" subtab. See Add a Related Item to a Submittal Package for more information.

  • Added "Submitted" Filter Option on Response Filter for Submittals Custom Reports (7/20/15). "Submitted" is now an option in the response filter on all submittal list views (List, Package, Spec, Recycle) and the Submittal Custom Report. 


  • Submittal Package Title Is Now Required (26/6/2015). The "Title" field of submittal packages is now required and the title of any existing unnamed packages will be set to "Untitled".


  • Displayed Counts For Submittal Statuses Dropdown On Submittal Log (5/21/15). The number of submittals will now be displayed under each status in the Filters dropdown menu.
  • Added Ability to Email Submittal Custom Reports From Custom Report Show Page (19/5/2015). Added the ability to share submittal custom reports to anyone that has access to the submittal custom report.
  • Added Delete Button On Edit Page For Submittals (5/7/15). There is now a 'Delete' button on the edit page of a Submittal.


  • Submittal Number by Spec Section (Feb-15). Submittals are now numbered based on their spec section instead of based on the total number of submittals in the log. See the "Spec Section and Number & Revisions" section of Create a Submittal for more information.
  • Submittal Log Filter Defaulted To Show Open Status (Feb-15). The Submittal Log is now filtered by default to show only Open submittals, rather than all submittals.
  • Standard Level Users Can Now Create Personal Submittal Custom Reports (Feb-15). To learn more, see Create/View a Custom Submittal Report.
  • Added Delayed Report For Submittal Package View  (Feb-15). Added pagination to the submittal package view, as well as delayed PDF/CSV exports.
  • Added Project Type To Open Submittal Log Reports CSV (Feb-15). Added a column next to project name that displays the project type (if applicable) to the exported CSV.