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Below are the notable changes to the project's Submittals tool in 2020.

Create Custom Fields and Custom Sections for Submittals in the Company Level Admin Tool (30/11/2020)

Procore has added the ability to create custom fields in the Company level Admin tool for the project's Submittals tool. These custom fields function like other fields in Procore and can be included in reports in the Company and Project level Reports tools. See Create New Custom Fields. In addition to custom fields, Procore has added the ability to create custom sections for the project's Submittals tool. Custom sections allow you to group custom fields together in one or more separate, user-defined sections. Custom sections are displayed below a submittal's 'General Information' section. See Create Custom Sections.

'Description' Field Now Searchable in Submittals (12/11/2020)

When a user enters a word or phrase to search for submittals, the search results now include submittals with matching results in their 'Description' fields. See Search for and Filter Submittals.

'Approver Comment' Column Added to Custom Reports for Submittals (20/10/2020)

Users can now include 'Approver Comment' in a custom Submittals report in the Reports tool. This allows users to have visibility into Approver Comments in Submittal reports. See Create a Custom Project Report or Create a Custom Company Report.

'General Information' Attachments Moved to Submittal Workflow Table (21/5/2020)

Attachments added to a submittal's 'General Information' when the submittal was created or edited can now be found in the Submittal Workflow table when viewing the submittal. See View a Submittal.

New Configurable Fieldsets for Submittal Logs (12/4/2020)

Users with 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Admin tool can now configure fieldsets for the Submittal tool's submittal logs. See Which fields in the Submittals tool can be configured as required, optional or hidden?

Working Days for Due Dates on Submittals (9/3/2020)

With the newly added ability to configure which days are classified as 'working days' in a project, due dates for submittals will now depend on the project's 'working days'. See Set Project Working Days and Configure Settings: Submittals Tool.

Updates to the Submittal Workflow Table (11/2/2020)

Procore has updated the Submittal Workflow table in the project's Submittals tool. See Upload and Submit a SubmittalRespond to a Submittal as an Approver, and Edit a Submittal Response.

Enter '0' Days to Respond in Submittal Workflow (10/1/2020)

Users with the appropriate permissions to create or edit a submittal on projects with Dynamic Approver Due Dates enabled can now enter '0' in the 'Days to Submit/Respond' column in the Submittal Workflow table. This update also allows for '0' to be used in the 'Days to Submit/Respond' column in Submittal Workflow Templates. See What are dynamic approver due dates? and Manage Submittal Workflow Templates.