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Procore BIM Plugins - User Guide

Procore offers two plugin applications for Windows computers that allow users to integrate with Procore's tools within BIM applications such as Autodesk®, Navisworks®, and Revit®:

VDC Plugin for Coordination Issues, Models, and Locations

  • Create and manage coordination issues directly in Navisworks®.
  • Publish models from Navisworks® for use on Procore web and mobile viewers.
  • Publish grid information from Revit® to use the 2D Views feature on the Procore iOS app.
  • Streamline your project locations setup by exporting Levels and Rooms directly out of Revit® to Locations in Procore.

    Note: The Procore BIM product is required to use this plugin. 

Documents Plugin for Autodesk®

  • Integrates with the Documents tool in Procore and allows you to interact with project files in Navisworks®, Revit®, and AutoCAD® applications.
  • Export content directly from AutoCAD® or Revit® to the Documents tool in Procore.
  • Open and append Procore documents into Navisworks® and save to the Documents tool.
  • Helps empower team members to keep project files up to date and reduce the risk of rework. 


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