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How are submittals numbered in Procore?


In order to create a submittal in Procore, it must be assigned a submittal number. Submittal numbers are assigned automatically when a user creates a submittal using the project's Submittals tool. However, how submittals are numbered depends upon whether or not the 'Number Submittals By Spec Section' setting is enabled on the project. 

  • If the Number Submittals By Spec Section configuration setting is enabled (this is the default setting), Procore looks at the Spec Section number and then appends a submittal number and revision number to the spec section number. For example, if the spec section numbering is formatted as "03-3000-Concrete," the Spec Section number is followed by the submittal number "1" and the revision number "0" (e.g., 03-3000-1.0). For each subsequent update, Procore also increments the submittal's revision number. For example, if the first version was "0" the first revision would be "1" and the second revision would be "2" (e.g., 03-3000-1.1, 03-3000-1.2, etc). 

  • If the Number Submittals By Spec Section configuration setting is disabled (this setting must be disabled for a project by your Procore point of contact), Procore automatically sets the number of the first submittal created for the project to "1." As users create subsequent submittals, Procore automatically increments the number to "2," "3," and so on.  As users revise a submittal, the revision number increments automatically. In addition, spec section numbers will not be included in project extracts for Submittals. 

Additional Configuration Information

There are two configuration settings that are enabled by default in Procore:

  • Number Submittals By Spec Section (in the Submittals tool). This setting is enabled by default in Procore. It can be disabled when setting up a new project by submitting a request to Your Procore point of contact must disable this Submittals tool configuration setting for you. 
  • Enable Numbering By Spec Section for Submittals By Default for New Projects (in the Admin tool). This setting is enabled by default in Procore. When enabled, all new Procore projects are created with the 'Number Submittals By Spec Section' enabled in the project's Submittals tool by default. A user with 'Admin' level permissions to your company's Admin tool can request to disable this setting by submitting a request to Your Procore point of contact must disable this Company level Admin tool configuration setting for you. When disabled, new projects created in Procore will simply increment submittal numbers in the order they are created (e.g., 1, 2, 3 and so on). 

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