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How can I tell if I have a free or paid Procore company account?

Limited Release
Free Procore accounts are currently only available in the United States.


From preconstruction to project execution and financial management, companies can purchase Procore as a software solution to manage their construction projects.

Procore also offers free accounts to collaborator companies so they can view and access their Procore projects and tenders, manage their team and business profile, and more. 


Paid Procore Accounts

Users in paid Procore accounts have a navigation menu across the top of their screens, where tool and project selection menus are found. A company logo is usually visible on the left side of the navigation menu.


Free Procore Accounts

Users with free Procore accounts have a navigation menu that runs from top to bottom along the left side of the screen. A Procore logo is visible at the top of this navigation menu.