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How do I customize submittal responses?


Users with ‘Admin’ level permission to the project’s Submittals tool can configure a wide range of customized submittal responses using the new 'Submittal Responses' link in the Configure Submittals Settings page.  A submittal response is a list of pre-defined responses (e.g., APPROVED, APPROVED AS NOTED, REVISE AND RESUBMIT, REJECTED, and so on) that can be applied to a submittal by reviewers during the review and approval process.


There are a variety of reasons an organization might want to customize their submittal responses. For example:

  • To match specific contract language.
    Some organizations use the term ‘REVIEWED’ in place of ‘APPROVED or ‘REVIEWED AS NOTED’ in place of ‘APPROVED AS NOTED.’

  • To match the actions on the submittals review rubber stamp that your company traditionally used to process hard-copy submittals.
    Some organizations may prefer to use ‘FURNISH AS NOTED’ and ‘NO EXCEPTIONS TAKEN’ in place of ‘APPROVED AS NOTED’.

  • To use commonly understood acronyms instead of spelled words.
    Some organizations may prefer reviewers to use specific acronyms such as: A (in place of ‘APPROVED’), AAN (in place of ‘APPROVED AS NOTED’), R&R (in place of ‘REVISE AND RESUBMIT).