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Procore (en-CA)

How do I perform a hard refresh in my web browser?


If you are troubleshooting problems with Procore, you may want to try performing a hard refresh of your web browser. A hard refresh will reset the cache for the individual page you are viewing so that you reload the most current version of that page. A hard refresh is different than clicking the page refresh button at the top of your browser and may be effective in certain scenarios where Procore pages aren't loading or working correctly.


With your browser open, enter the following keyboard shortcuts:

Browser Operating System
Mac Windows
Google Chrome

Press CMD + SHIFT + R on your keyboard

Press CTRL + F5 on your keyboard


Press CMD + SHIFT + R on your keyboard

Press CTRL + F5 on your keyboard


Press OPT + CMD + then click the refresh button or press CMD + R

Microsoft Edge


Press CTRL + F5 on your keyboard