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How will the new Planroom experience affect an Admin?

The improved Planroom experience is easier to navigate and provides feature enhancements for subcontractors. As an Admin, you'll not notice the redesign and each feature enhancement was designed with the subcontractor in mind to make their tendering process easier. However, there are some features that you, as an Admin, will want to be aware of.

New Features

1. Tenderers can add a scope of work to the Tender and delete cost codes from the Tender that are not part of the original scope of work.

As an Admin, you'll receive fewer requests to delete cost codes that were accidentally added by tenderers!
Note: Tenderers are still unable to delete cost codes they've been invited to tender on or on tenders they have already submitted.

3. Tenderers can "Save for Later" the information they enter on the Tender.

As an Admin, you will want to be aware that a tenderer may use the "Save for Later" feature and forget to submit their finalized tender. In this case, to see their tender amount, the tenderer will need to be notified to click 'Submit Tender' on their tender.
Note: Tenderers will continue to receive reminder emails until they have clicked 'Submit Tender'. See Configure Advanced Settings: Tendering.

4. Tenderers can now contact the Tender Creator from the Tender Sheet. 

As an Admin, you may see an increase in the number of emails you receive from tenderers.

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