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What are the default 'Scope' options for change events in Procore?


When creating or editing a change event in a Procore project, you can select one of Procore's pre-defined 'Scope' options to classify the scope of the change being considered.


The table below details the different options in the 'Scope' drop-down list of a change event. 

Status When creating or editing a change event...
In Scope
  • Indicates the cost of the change event is covered within the terms of the original contract. 
Out of Scope
  • Indicates the cost associated with the change event is not covered by the original contract. 
  • When a change event is 'Out of Scope', you will typically create a change order to amend the original contract.
  • Indicates the cost impact of the change event on the original contract has not yet been determined.