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What do I need to know about the Vapid API deprecation?


As of February 1, 2021, Procore's Vapid API has been deprecated and replaced by the new Rest API v1.0. The new API is based on an updated architecture that supports resource versioning and expanded functionality. Although Procore will continue to support Vapid API resources and address defects as needed, all new feature development for the Procore API will be done in Rest v1.0. Although this change is unlikely to impact most Procore customers, if you develop and maintain custom integrations using the API we encourage you to review this article to learn more about how this change might affect your integration as well as steps for migrating to the new Rest API v1.0.

Common Questions

How does Rest v1.0 differ from Vapid?

Rest v1.0 is a superset of the Vapid API. All resource endpoints available in Vapid are also available in Rest v1.0 with the same functionality.

Are there new resources I can access?

Watch for notifications from the Procore Developer Portal announcing the release of new Rest API resources.

Are there breaking changes in Rest v1.0 that I need to account for?

Rest v1.0 contains no breaking changes. Upgrading an application to use Rest v1.0 just requires changing the routes you are requesting (ex. /vapid/projects becomes /rest/v1.0/projects).

Are there any changes in how authentication is handled?

No. The authentication endpoint (ex. /oauth/authorize) remains the same in Rest, and authentication tokens are shared between both APIs.

How do I migrate my application code to Rest v1.0?

Upgrading an application that currently consumes the Vapid API to use Rest v1.0 is as simple as changing the routes you are requesting. Update your integration to use Rest v1.0 resources by changing the format of the API endpoint URLs in your code to use the new namespace (/rest) and version parameter (v1.0) as shown in the example below.



We recommend testing your updated code in your development sandbox to verify that your integration will function correctly using the /rest/v1.0 resource endpoints.

New Rest v1.0 API Developer Documentation

All developer documentation on the Developer Portal has been updated with the release of Rest v1.0. Reference pages for Rest v1.0 API resources are available in the REFERENCE section of the portal. Use the drop-down menu and select Rest v1 to access the new reference content. 


In addition, all API development guides, tutorials, and related material in the DOCS section of the portal have been updated with the release of Rest v1.0. All code snippets and samples have been updated to reflect the new endpoint URL format.

Rest API Resource Versioning

The new Rest API versioning architecture allows for a flexible approach to version management because resources are versioned independently from one another. This lets you choose whether you want to adopt new resource versions (with breaking changes), or stay with the ones you are currently using. Use new resource versions as they are released and update your code accordingly, or wait until it makes more sense for your particular development timeline. See Rest API Overview for additional information.

Rest API Changelog

The new changelog feature, also available on the Developer Portal, allows you to view details about changes to individual API resources. See Rest API Overview for additional information.