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Why is the percentage complete less than 100% for a Procore Certification course?


If you are looking at the analytics of another user in the Procore Certification site (, you may wonder why a user/student may have a certificate of completion even though the course '% complete' value is less than 100%. 


The course '% complete' value should never be used as an accurate indication of course completion, as it relates to the current version of a course and its content. 

The Procore platform is constantly evolving. As new tools and features are added to the platform, the certification courses will be updated with new and updated curriculum. For example, if a user completed a certification course last month and then the course was updated this month with new lessons, the '% complete' value will be less 100%, depending on how many new lessons were added to the course.

The screenshot and descriptions below provide an explanation of the three most common scenarios. 


  1. The student has yet to complete the course.
  2. The student completed the course the past and received a certificate of completion. Since lessons have not been added to the certification course since the student completed the course, the user's '% complete' value is still 100%.
  3. The student completed the course and received a certificate of completion. New lessons were added to the certification course since the student completed it. Typically, lessons are added to a course to train on new tools or topics.

Currently, Procore certifications do not expire when new lessons are added to the course. Students who previously completed a Procore Certification course will receive email updates whenever a course has been updated. They are encouraged to revisit the course at any time to refresh their skillset and complete training on any newly added lessons.