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Why was the "Procore Fundamentals" training course deprecated?


Prior to June 29, 2018, Procore hosted a series of "Procore Fundamentals" training courses on our learning portal, which was accessible via and Upon successful completion of the self-paced training course, learners received a "Procore Certification: Associate" certificate. 



On June 29, 2018, the "Procore Fundamentals" course will be deprecated from Procore's learning portal ( and will no longer be available. 

Based on feedback from our community, users prefer role-based Procore Certification courses that better align with a user's specific role and responsibilities on the jobsite. Although the "Procore Fundamentals" course contained many training videos that applied to a Project Manager, it also contained training videos on tasks that were more relevant to Superintendents or Subcontractors. Additionally, since a user might not have access to all tools within the Procore platform, we wanted to give learners a more product-specific user experience.

As a replacement for the "Procore Fundamentals" course, we developed a series of certification courses for Project Managers, segmented by the various product lines (e.g. Project Management, Quality & Safety, etc.). If you completed the "Procore Fundamentals" course in the past, we encourage you to refresh your Procore training by  completing the updated training courses that are relevant for you. 


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FAQ: Will my Procore Certified Certificate expire or become invalid?

No. If you have successfully completed a Procore Certification course in the past, your certificate will not expire or become invalid because the course is no longer available on Procore's learning portal ( Your certificate and its verifiable URL will remain valid. If you added your Procore Certified certificate to your LinkedIn profile (Add Your Procore Certified Certificate to Your LinkedIn Profile), no changes are required. 


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