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Create Incidents (Android)

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To create incidents on an Android mobile device.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Standard' or 'Admin' level permissions on the project's Incidents tool.



  1. Navigate to the Incidents tool using the Procore app on an Android mobile device.
  2. Tap the Create New icon-create-plus-android.png icon.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Title*: Enter a descriptive title that accurately describes the incident.
    • Location: Select a location from the drop-down menu. See How do I add a multi-tiered location to an item? 
    • Event Date: Select the date associated with the incident. 
    • Time Unknown: If the time of the incident is unknown, tap the toggle to indicate that the time of the incident is unknown.
    • Event Time: If the time is known, enter a time associated with the incident.
    • Distribution: Enter the users to whom you want to give access to the incident in Procore. 
      Note: Users added to this list will be sent an email notification when the incident is created.
    • Private: Tap the toggle to mark the incident as 'Private' to hide it from everyone except Incident tool 'Admin' users and the creator of the incident.
    • Hazard: Select a hazard associated with the incident.
    • Contributing Behaviour: Select a contribution behaviour associated with the incident.
    • Contributing Condition: Select a contributing condition associated with the incident.
    • Description: Enter a description of the incident. 
  4. Optional: To add relevant files or photos, tap one of the following options:
    •  Take Photos: Take a photo with your mobile device's camera and add it to the incident.
    •  Attachments: Choose a photo or file from your mobile device and add it to the incident.
  5. Tap Save.

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