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Edit a T&M Ticket (iOS)

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To edit a Time and Material ticket created in the T&M Tickets tool using the Procore app on an iOS mobile device.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • To edit a T&M ticket you created, 'Standard' level permissions or higher on the T&M Tickets tool.
    • To edit all T&M tickets, 'Admin' level permissions on the T&M Tickets tool.


  1. Navigate to the T&M Tickets tool using the Procore app an iOS mobile device.
  2. Tap on the T&M ticket you want to edit.
  3. Tap into the following fields to enter or edit the appropriate information:
    Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that the field is required.
    • Description*: Enter a short description of the work for the T&M Ticket.
    • Performed On*: This field defaults to the current day.
    • Locations: Tap to select the location where the work is being performed.
      Note: Users with 'Admin' permissions or users who have the "Manage Locations" granular permission enabled on the Admin tool can add a location. See Add Tiered Locations to a Project.
    • Ordered by: Select the users who ordered the ticket.
      Note: A user must be recorded in the Project level Directory tool to be selected from this list. To add someone to the project directory, see Add a Person to the Project Level Directory (iOS).
    • Reference #: Enter the Change Order number that will be associated with the T&M ticket.
  4. Tap Camera to take a picture.
    Tap Library to upload a picture from your mobile device.
    Tap Attachment to add an attachment.
  5. In the 'Labor' section, under 'Employees', tap on the following fields to enter information as needed:
    • Employee*: Select the employee from the Workers list.
      Note: To add a worker to the list, see Add a Worker (iOS).
    • Classification: Select the employee’s classification
      Link to existing classification article
    • Hours*: Enter the number of working hours the employee performed.
    • Time Type: Select the time type for the work.
  6. Tap Apply.
  7. In the 'Materials' section, under 'Quantities', tap on the following fields to enter information as needed:
    • Material*: Enter the type of material used. 
    • Material Description: Enter a description of the material.
    • Unit*: Select a unit of measurement from the list.
    • Quantity*: Enter the quantity of materials needed.
  8. Tap Apply.
  9. In the 'Equipment' section, under 'Quantities', tap on the following fields to enter information as needed:
    • Equipment Name*: Select the equipment used from the list.
    • Equipment Description: Type any relevant information about the equipment item.
    • Hours*
  10. Tap Apply.
  11. In the 'Approvals' section, under 'Company Signee', select the user from the list.
  12. Under 'Customer Signee', select the customer name from the list.
  13. Optional: In the 'Notes' section, under 'More Information', type in any additional information as needed.
  14. Tap Save.
    A modal will appear to confirm if the ticket has been verified and the signatures have been applied.