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Inspections: New! Due Dates Added to Inspections

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: October 1, 2019  /  Feature Updated: October 24, 2019


Add Due Dates to Inspections

In Procore's Inspections tool, you can now schedule your inspections using the new 'Due Date' field. This will enable you to organize your inspections and plan ahead while keeping track of your inspections' progress. On the List view, you can easily see which inspections require attention, with red text identifying any overdue inspections. You can also filter the inspections by their due dates in three ways: No Due Date; Overdue; and Select Day or Range.

Additional Features
  • 'Due Dates' Included on Exports. Inspection 'Due Dates' are included on PDF exports from the Inspections tool.
  • 'Due Dates' Availability on Custom Reports. Inspection 'Due Dates' can be added as a column in custom reports.
  • Overdue Email Notifications. Assignees will receive automatic emails when an inspection they have been assigned to is overdue.


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