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Sync Project Level WBS Codes to NetSuite®


To understand the workflows for syncing project level WBS codes to NetSuite®.


Company level WBS codes are pulled down onto a project in Procore. Each full WBS code on the project (cost code, cost type, custom segment) will be synced to NetSuite® as an Item. The syncing of new WBS codes at the project level code is triggered in the following ways:

  • The WBS Code is used on a Subcontractor Invoice that is synced to NetSuite®.
  • The WBS Code is added to the Procore Budget and a manual Cost Code Sync is run.
Each project level WBS Code only needs to be synced once to create the NetSuite® Item. The NetSuite® Item will be a concatenation of the Procore project number + the WBS code. Once it is created via one of the above workflows, it is synced.
By design, the integration workflow for WBS Codes will sync and create the NetSuite® Item during Subcontractor Invoice export automaticallyif it has not already been synced previously. Generally, the only time you need to run a manual Cost Code sync is if you need the NetSuite® Item before a Subcontractor Invoice is exported for that WBS Code for the purposes of assigning Direct Cost transactions in NetSuite®.

Things to Consider


To sync a Project level WBS Code during Subcontractor Invoice export:
  1. If a project level WBS Code has not been synced to NetSuite® yet, export the Subcontractor Invoice as normal, and as part of the invoice syncing, the integration will sync the project WBS codes.

To sync a Project level WBS code that has not or will not be used on a Subcontractor Invoice, AND the NetSuite® Item is needed in NetSuite®. For example, to enter direct cost transactions in NetSuite®:
  1. Click Create Budget Line Item on the Budget tool to add WBS Codes to a project's budget.
    Note: A budget amount greater than zero is not required for syncing to occur, but a line item must be created using the desired new WBS code.

  2. Navigate to the Company Level ERP Integrations Tool.

  3. Click the Std. Cost Codes & Cost Types tab.

  4. Click Export Cost Codes & Cost Types. This will scan all projects and sync any un-synced budgeted WBS Codes to NetSuite®.

To confirm that the export was successful, log into NetSuite® and verify that the record appears as expected.