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Below are the notable changes to the company's Portfolio tool in 2016.

Now Displaying A Banner Message To Notify Users When Project Limit Is Reached (1/9/2016)

When adding a new Procore project to both ERP-integrated and non-integrated companies, Procore now displays a notification message in the banner of the Create New Project page of the Portfolio tool and also on the ERP Integrations tool's Jobs subtab. This banner only displays if your company has reached its maximum number of projects (Project limits are set by your Procore point of contact during the implementation process).

New Project/Office Pins For Portfolio Tool's Map View (20/7/2016)

Updated the Portfolio tool to add new Project/Office Pins for the Portfolio Map View. Orange pins show office locations and gray pins show project locations. See Show Projects on Google Maps from the Portfolio Tab.

Added Project Photo To Pins In Portfolio Tool Map View (30/6/2016)

Updated the Portfolio tool to add a Project Photo to the popover for the Pins on Map View.

Updated Project Cap Message In Portfolio Tool (16/6/2016)

Updated the Company level Portfolio tool to change the message that appears when a user attempts to click Add New Project button when account has reached it's project cap. This message has been updated with instructions that clarify how to add a new project and/or contact support for assistance.

Observations Added To My Open Items (16/2/2016)

Observations have been added to the list of items that will appear in the Company level Portfolio page under My Open Items.