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Configure QR Codes for Workforce Planning


To create QR codes to quickly access People and Project details in Workforce Planning.


In Workforce Planning, you can create QR Codes to provide people on job sites with quick access to details about the project and the personnel on site. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
  • Additional Information
    • You can configure what information details are available about a person or a project when you are creating the QR code.
    • Information configured here is publicly available to anyone who scans one of your company's QR codes.
    • QR codes can be scanned by any scanning app without requiring logging in to Procore.
    • 'Other Fields' for project QR codes are fields available in the Project Details page, including custom fields. See Edit Project Details in Workforce Planning.
    • 'Other Fields' for people QR codes, including custom fields, are available in the 'Info' section of the person's profile. See Add or Edit Custom Fields for People in Workforce Planning


If adding information for:


  1. Navigate to the Company level Workforce Planning tool.
  2. Click the Configure Settings icons-settings-gear.png icon.
  3. Select QR Codes.

Configure QR Codes for Projects

  1. Move the toggle for 'Project QR Codes' to the ON position.
  2. Optional: Move the toggle for 'Tags' to the ON position to include tags in your QR code.
    1. Click All Tags to include all tags.
    2. Click Filtered Tags and select specific tags you want to include.
  3. Optional: Click the toggle for 'Project Roles' to the ON position to include project roles.
    1. Click All Roles to include all roles.
    2. Click Filtered Roles and select the roles you want to include. 
  4. Mark the checkboxes for what information you'd like to display for the people in those roles:
    1. Show Phone Number. The phone number for the project.
    2. Show Email. The email address for the project.
    3. Show Profile Pic. The profile picture for the project.
  5. Under 'Other Fields,' select which additional fields you would like to display about the project:
    • Job Number. The Project Number.
    • Group Availability. For which groups the project is available.
    • Status. The status of the project, either 'Active', 'Pending', or 'Inactive'.
    • Address. The project's address.
    • Address 2. The project's address, continued.
    • City/Town. The project's city or town.
    • State/Province. The project's state or province.
    • Postal Code. The project's postal code.
    • Country. The project's country.
    • Start Date. The project's start date.
    • End Date. The project's end date.
    • Daily Start Time. The project's daily start time.
    • Daily End Time. The project's daily end time.
    • Estimated Avg. Rate. The project's estimated average rate.
    • Percent Complete. The percent that the project is complete.
    • Customer. The Customer affiliated with the project.
    • Project Type. The project type.
    • Project Color. The project color.
    • [Custom Fields]. Any project custom fields will display here, below the standard options.
  6. Click Save.

Create QR Codes for People

  1. To create a QR code for a project, move the toggle for 'People QR Codes' to the ON position.
  2. Optional: To include tag information for the project, move the toggle for 'Tags' to the ON position.
    1. Click All Tags to include all tags.
    2. Click Filtered Tags and select specific tags you want to include.
  3. Optional: Mark the checkbox for Show Tag's Expiration Dates.
  4. Under 'Other Fields,' select which additional fields you would like to display about the project:
    • Profile Picture. The person's profile picture.
    • Job Title. The person's job title.
    • Email. The person's email address.
    • Phone. The person's phone number.
    • Employee Number. The person's employee number.
    • Group Availability. In which groups the person is available to work.
    • Status. The status of the person, either 'Active' or 'Inactive'.
    • Address. The person's home address.
    • Address 2. The person's home address, continued.
    • City/Town. The person's city or town.
    • State/Province. The person's state or province.
    • Postal Code. The person's postal code.
    • Country. The person's country of residence.
    • Hourly Wage. The person's hourly wage.
    • Date of Hire. The date the person was hired.
    • Date of Birth. The person's date of birth.
    • Emergency Contact Name. The name of the person's emergency contact.
    • Emergency Contact Relation. The relationship between the person and their emergency contact.
    • Emergency Contact Phone. The emergency contact's phone number.
    • Emergency Contact Email. The emergency contact's email address.
    • [Custom Fields]. Any Custom Fields for projects will display below the standard options.
  5. Click Save.