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Export a List of Correspondence Items


To export a list of correspondence items to CSV or PDF format. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • To export correspondences that are not marked as Private, 'Read-Only' level permission or higher on the project's Correspondence tool.
    • To export correspondences (Private and Not Private), 'Admin' level permission on the project's Correspondence tool.
  • Reach out to your Procore point of contact if you want for Private correspondence items to be hidden from users with 'Admin' level permissions at the company or project level, ensuring they will not have the ability to view or respond to private items unless they are specifically included on the correspondence item. (If your company is based in Australia or New Zealand, this additional level of privacy will be enabled by default).
  • You can always see who has permissions to private items via the 'Permissions' tab when viewing a correspondence item.


  1. Navigate to the project's Correspondence tool. 
  2. Click Export and choose one of the following options:
    • CSV
    • PDF


This exports the contents of the correspondence to PDF or CSV file format.

PDF exports will only include the information on the correspondence list page, however CSV exports will include more details than the correspondence list page. 


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