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Below are the notable changes to the project's Direct Costs tool in 2018.

Added Link to Import Direct Costs Tutorial (21/8/2018) 

Updated the Direct Cost tool's sidebar to add a hyperlink to the Import Direct Costs tutorial on the Procore Support Site.

New Granular Permissions for Direct Costs Tool (8/3/2018)

Updated the Company level Directory tool to add three (3) new granular permissions the Direct Costs tool. The new permissions include 'Create Direct Cost', 'Update Direct Cost', and 'Delete Direct Cost'. Existing permission templates that grant users 'Standard' level permissions for the Direct Costs tool are now updated so that users with those templates do NOT see any change in functionality. However, please note that users without project permission templates no longer have the ability to create or edit direct cost items, unless their permissions are moved to a permission template that is enabled to use these new permissions. Also note that when you create new permission templates, these new permissions are disabled by default. See Directory: Three (3) New Granular Permissions for the Direct Costs Tool.