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This page lists notable change for the Project level RFIs tool in 2016. 

Added Attachment Viewer To RFIs Tool (5/8/2016)

Updated the RFIs tool to add the attachment viewer which allows users to see the attachments without having to download them.

Updated Auto-Numbering When Creating New RFIs (2/8/2016)

Updated the way that Procore handles auto-numbering in the RFIs tool. By default, when users create an RFI, Procore assigns the new RFI the next number in the sequence (e.g., 1, 2, 3 and so on). The tool now looks at the most recently created number and then increments by one. Note: The RFIs tool does not permit users to create RFIs with duplicate numbers. For more details, see Create an RFI.

Added Ability To Create Custom Reports To RFIs Tool (12/2/2016)

Added the ability to create custom reports with the Company level or Project level RFIs tool.

Modified A Check Box Label In Configuration Settings Of RFIs Tool (29/1/2016)

Modified a check box label in the configuration settings page for the Project level RFIs tool as follows: Changed From: "Only allow Standard Users to create Draft RFIs:" Changed To: "Standard Users can only create Draft RFIs:"

Added 'Received From' Tooltips To Submittals and RFIs Tools (28/1/2016)

Added 'Received From' tool tips to Project level Submittals tool (see Submittals) and the Project level RFIs tools when creating or viewing an item.

Changed the Behaviour of the Date Initiated Field in the RFIs Tool (11/1/2016)

When a user creates an RFI, the creation date is used as the Date Initiated. When the RFIs status changes to non-draft, the Date Initiated value is automatically updated to use the current date. See Create an RFI.