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Below are notable changes to the project's Transmittals tool in 2017.

Updated Search And Pagination Styles (13/12/2017)

Updated the styling on the Search and Pagination user interface elements.

Updated Transmittals Search Bar (13/11/2017)

Updated the Transmittals tool with style updates for the new search bar.

Added Ability For Users To Resize Columns (27/10/2017)

Users can now resize the columns on their transmittals table by dragging the right border of the column header.

Added Multiple Files Upload Ability On Transmittals (3/10/2017)

Added the ability for users to attach multiple files to a transmittal item.

Added A Sent Via Column To Transmittals (6/9/2017)

Added a "Sent Via" column to the Transmittals list view.

Fixed Page Title and Configure Settings Icon For Transmittals Tool (30/5/2017)

Updated the Project level Transmittals tool so that now, when the tool has no existing transmittals yet created, the page title and Configure Settings icon (i.e., the Cog when) appear as expected.

Updated Transmittals Items List Structure (10/2/2017)

When adding Submittal Logs and Submittal Packages to Transmittals, the system now sorts them as expected. 

Fixed A Duplication Issue That Occurred In Transmittals Tool (12/1/2017)

Fixed an issue in the List view of the Transmittals tool where a transmittal item had been duplicated.