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Procore (en-CA)

Setup Guide


To download and install the Procore Imports on a PC or laptop computer running a supported version of Windows. 

Things to Consider

  • Procore Imports must be installed on a system running Microsoft Windows 7 or newer. It is NOT supported on earlier versions of Microsoft Windows, iOS devices or the OS X operating system.


  1. Click the link below to download the latest version of Procore Imports:

    Note: Download links are also available in the Procore web application of the Directory and Admin tools. 
  2. After the download completes, the installer launches automatically. If it does not launch, you can:
    • Double-click the Install Procore Imports icon on your computer's desktop. 
    • Double-click the file named ProcoreImportsSetup.exe. You can find this file in the download location.
  3. When the installer runs, one of two things will happen:
    • If this is the first time you are installing Procore Imports on the computer, click Run when the "Do you want to run this file?" message appears.
    • If you have previously installed Procore Imports, the installer typically runs automatically. 
      Note: The installation typically requires approximately one (1) minute. To avoid running a second instance of the installer, always wait for the installation to complete instead of attempting to run the installer a second time.
  4. When installed, Procore Imports launches automatically. If it does not launch, simply double-click the Procore Imports icon on your computer's desktop. 
    You can now log into your account and begin using Procore Imports. See Log in to Procore Imports.

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