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Release Notes for 2018-08-27

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, August 24, 2018.

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Added Alert to Notify Users of Vendor Creation from Edit Contact Page (8/21/2018)

Updated the Project level Directory tool to add a new alert message that notifies the user that new vendor will be created when an end user attempts to add a vendor using the controls in the Edit Contact page.

New Project Flag Filter Option (8/23/2018)

Added a 'Project Flag' option to the Add Filter menu in the Portfolio tool. 

Adding Loading Message to Report and Dashboard Pages (8/24/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tool to add a loading message on the Report and Dashboard list pages.

New Workflow Columns for the Custom Prime Contract Report (8/24/2018)

Update the custom reports feature for the Reports tool to add the following workflow columns for reports including Prime Contract data: Workflow State, Ball in Court, and Ball in Court Duration.

Added Project Level Outbound Email Report (8/21/2018)

Added the Outbound Email Report to the Project level Reports tool. This was previously only available in the Company level Reports tool.

 Product Management

Added Alert Banner to Bid Package Creation (8/22/2018)

Added an alert banner to the Create Bid Package process to notify users when a project is not in the bidding phase.

Added Link to Support Site Documentation to Bidding Instructions (8/24/2018)

Added a link to the Project level Bidding tool's support site documentation in the Bidding Instructions that appear when you create a new bid package.

Updated 'Download Bid Documents' Links (8/20/2018)

Updated all of the 'Download Bidding Documents' links so they are now labeled consistently as 'Download Bid Documents.'

Sort Drawing Revisions by Date (8/21/2018)

Drawing revisions can now be sorted by Drawing Date. They can also be sorted using a drag-and-drop operation during review stage and while viewing a drawing.

Revert to Agenda Mode (8/23/2018)

Now users can switch a meeting back to Agenda Mode rather than having to create a new meeting.

Disabled Bid Docs Button (8/22/2018)

Disabled the Bid Docs button in the Project level Planroom tool if there are no bid documents attached to the bid package.

Updated Planroom View for Subcontractor's Invited to Bid (8/24/2018)

Updated the subcontractor's view of the Planroom so bids that subcontractors are invited to will not appear in their Planroom until the bid invite has been sent to them.


Added Overdue Filter Option (8/23/2018)

Added an 'Overdue' option to the Add Filter menu in the Project level RFIs tool.

Added Create RFI Button to View RFI Page (8/20/2018)

Added a Create RFI button to the sidebar of View RFI page. Now, when a user wants to create a RFI, they can do so directly from the View RFI page. This eliminates the need to navigate back to one of the tabs on the RFIs page.

Added a Created By Filter Option (8/22/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool to add the 'Created by' filter to the Items, Packages, Spec Sections, Ball in Court, and Recycle Bin views. See Search for and Filter Submittals.

Added Replace Workflow Users Tab (8/21/2018)

Users with 'Admin' level permission on the Project level Submittals tool can now view the Replace Workflow Users tab under Submittals Settings. However, 'Admins' must still contact Procore Support in order to replace a user on a workflow.

Added 'Download Template' Button (8/21/2018) 

Updated the Submittal Imports page under Configure Settings to add a Download Template button. This gives users with 'Admin' level permission with the ability to download a Comma Separated Values (CSV) version of the submittals import template. See Download the Submittals Import Template (CSV).

Added Create Submittal Button to the View Submittal Page (8/20/2018)

Added a Create Submittal to the sidebar on the View Submittal page. Now, when a user wants to create a submittal, they can do so directly from the View Submittal page. This eliminates the need to navigate back to one of the tabs on the Submittals page.

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

Import Multi-Level Cost Codes to Procore (8/24/2018)

Users with 'Admin' level permission on the Project level Budget tool can now import multi-level cost codes. To learn more, see Import Cost Codes to Procore.

Direct Costs
Added Link to Import Direct Costs Tutorial (8/21/2018)

Updated the Direct Cost tool's sidebar to add a hyperlink to the Import Direct Costs tutorial on the Procore Support Site.

ERP Integrations
Updated Budget Synced Message (8/21/2018)

When a budget from an integrated ERP system is synced with the Company level ERP Integrations tool, the following notification message appears in Procore: "Budget is Synced with <integration name>, last job cost update detected <time>". To eliminate confusion for users who do not have synced budgets, this message no longer appears on unsynced projects. 

Added Reject Button for Projects (8/20/2018)

When a user sends a Procore project to the Company level ERP Integrations tool, the controls in the Ready to Update page now provide users with both an Accept and Reject button.

Updated Export Button Labels (8/20/2018)

Updated the label on the Export buttons so they now show the name of the integrated ERP system. For example, "Export to Sage 300 CRE®.

Added Vendor Type Column to Ready to Export (8/20/2018)

Added a Vendor Type column on the 'Ready to Export' page in the Company level ERP Integrations tool.

Prime Contract
Added Delete Confirmation Message for Prime Contract (8/24/2018)

Added a delete confirmation alert message to warn users that a deleted prime contract cannot be retrieved.

Added Note About Pre-Filling Amounts from CCOs/PCCOs (8/22/2018)

Updated the "Do you want to pre-fill the Owner Invoice?" dialog box to add a note that informs users it will pre-fill the amounts from approved Commitment Change Orders (CCOs) into Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs)

 Quality & Safety

Daily Log
Added Select Component To Manpower Log (8/24/2018)

Updated the Project level Daily Log tool to provide users with the ability to select a Company or Contact in the Manpower Log.

Move Search to Top of Page (8/22/2018)

Moved the Search field to the top of the Daily Log page.

Updated Labels on the Configure Settings Page (8/21/2018)

Updated the Daily Log tool's Configure Setting page to remove the word 'log' from the labels on the different logs. 

Improved Organization of Settings on Daily Log (8/20/2018)

Updated the Daily Log tool's Configure Settings page to reorganize the corresponding settings to their respective logs.

Improved Error Messaging for Inspection Numbers (8/24/2018)

Added a more descriptive error message when the inspection number is not within range or positive.

New Overdue Filter Option (8/22/2018)

Added the ability to view, filter, or group Observations in a report by overdue status. Overdue is defined as an Observation with no 'closed at date' and with a 'due date' that is in the past.

Punch List
Added Overdue Filter Option (8/23/2018)

Added an 'Overdue' option to the Add Filter menu in the Project level Punch List tool. Overdue is defined as a Punch Item with no 'closed at date' and with a 'due date' that is in the past.

 Field Productivity

No notable changes.

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

No notable changes.