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Release Notes for 2018-09-24

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, September 21, 2018.

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General Updates
Updated the Due Item Digest Email (9/20/2018)

Updated the look and feel of the 'Due Item Digest' email that is sent out to users who have due items in Procore. 

View a Daily Log Completion Report (9/20/2018)

Updated the Project level Reports tool so you can now view a Daily Log Completion report that shows a consolidated log showing what has been completed by whom on each day. See View Daily Log Completion Report

 Product Management

Create and Respond to Bid Packages in any Project Stage (9/20/2018)

You can now create and respond to a bid package when a project is in any stage. Previously, it was a requirement for projects to be in the 'Bidding' stage. 

Removed 'Bidding Stage' Banner (9/20/2018)

Updated the Project level Bidding tool to remove the banner stated that a project needs to be in a "Bidding" stage in order to create a bid package. Bid packages can be created at any project stage. 

Submitted Responses on Workflows Can Now be Distributed (9/20/2018)

Updated the Project level Submittals tool so that responses submitted by members of a submittal's workflow can no be distributed (a.k.a., shared) with others. 

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

No notable changes.

 Quality & Safety

Daily Log
Restyled Daily Log Tables (9/20/2018)

Updated the Project level Daily Log to restyle the tables displaying in the tool. 

Removed Sidebar & Moved Create Observation Button (9/19/2018)

Updated the Observations tool to remove the right sidebar from all list views. Also moved the Create Observation button from the sidebar to the top on the right side of the page. 

Punch List
Added Tooltip for Default Punch Item Manager Field (9/20/2018)

Updated the Project level Punch List tool's Configure Settings page to add a tooltip on the Default Punch Item Manager field.

 Field Productivity

No notable changes. 

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

No notable changes.