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Procore (en-CA)

Release Notes for 2018-11-30

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, November 30, 2018.

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Expense Allocation Improvements (11/30/2018)

Updated the Expense Allocations page in the Company level Admin tool. The Expense Allocated report now has newly added language to reflect when a project goes beyond the Procore's contract period. Also updated the user inteface to change the field label from Estimated Original Contract Value to Estimated Contract Value. See Create a New Expense Allocation.

New Bulk Actions > Reactivate Users Menu Option (11/26/2018)

Updated the Company Directory to add a new Bulk Actions > Reactivate menu option to the Inactive Users tab. This option reactivates user profiles on all project to which the previously had been added. 

Improved the Permissions Display in the Documents Tree (11/29/2018)

Updated the Documents tool to improve the user experience. Prior to this update, when a folder was locked, the permissions associate with locked folder automatically cascaded down to its child file/folders. However, there was no visual indication that files and folder were locked. Now, the tree structure in the Documents tool accurately reflects the current state (locked or unlocked) on all child folders and files by including a lock icon.

New Health Dashboard in Beta Release (11/26/2018)

The new Health Dashboard in the Portfolio tool is now in beta release. See Portfolio: New Project Health Dashboard Now in Beta Release.

 Product Management

Attach Individual Files to the Bid Package (11/27/2018)

Added the ability to upload individual bid documents, drawings, and specs to your bid package.

Coordination Issues (Beta)
New Recycle Bin (11/26/2018)

Added a Recycle Bin to the List page of the Coordination Issues tool.

Add Observation Pins to Drawings (11/26/2018)

Added an observation pin to the markup toolbar to be able to link observations to a drawing.

pl-construction-financials.png Construction Financials

Prime Contract
Added A Drop-Down Search Field (11/29/2018)

Updated the Project level Prime Contracts tool so that end users can now select Architect/Engineer, Owner/Client, and Contractor via a drop-down or search within the Search field to find a match.

 Quality & Safety

Daily Log
Weather Log & Observed Weather Conditions Improvements (11/28/2018)

Updated the Weather Log and Observed Weather Conditions table in the Project level Daily Log tool. Now, both the Weather Log and Observed Weather Conditions display data in sub-tables within the same log (instead of as two separate tables). Users can also now add multiple observed weather conditions throughout the day instead of a single entry. See Daily Log: Upgrades for the Weather Log and Multiple Observed Weather Conditions.

Visual Improvements for File Attachments (11/28/2018)

Improved the user experience for File Attachments on the Daily Log tool. The Attach Files label now turns ORANGE when user hover of it with a mouse cursor. Also moved the Submit and Cancel buttons to the left. 

Visual Improvements for Comments & Selections (11/26/2018)

Added new contextual placeholders so end users can better select daily log entries referring to the selected item. Also added and "Add comment" placeholder to all comment text inputs.

 Field Productivity

No notable changes. 

pl-app-marketplace.png App Marketplace

No notable changes.