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Directory: Improved Search-As-You-Type Capabilities

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Announced: February 13, 2019  /  Feature Released: February 14, 2019


Directory: Improved Search-As-You-Type Capabilities

To provide Procore users with improved search-as-you-type capabilities, Procore has updated the Company and Project Directories to incorporate trigram indexing. This will provide users with powerful and more efficient search results. Now, when you enter any trigram (i.e., any three (3) characters in sequence), Procore's Directory tool's will yield all possible matches regardless of where those three (3) characters appear. 


The image below depicts how trigram indexing delivers search results in the Company Directory. Although not pictured here, this same functionality is also included in the Project Directory. 


Why is this important?

Because Procore users most often perform single-term lookups and Procore's Directory tools can be used to store hundreds and even thousands or records, trigram indexing provides the system with a better way to analyze your search criteria. It will also provide your users with greatly increased search performance by finding all matching terms in its searchable fields on the fly. This will provide a better overall search experience and eliminate the need to add an asterisk (*) to the end of a search string to get results. However, advanced search symbols will continue to be supported. See What is an advanced search symbol in Procore?

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