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Release Notes for 2019-06-17

Below are notable changes to Procore for the week ending Friday, June 17, 2019.

Core Tools | Product Management | Construction Financials | Quality & Safety | Field Productivity | App Marketplace

Core Tools

Updated Project Creation Page (6/12/2019)  

Minor UI improvements have been made to the project creation page to provide a more streamlined presentation of fields and a refreshed look. See Add a New Project.

Added 'Origin' Filter to Custom Reports for Observations Tool (6/14/2019)

You can now apply an 'Origin' filter to custom reports that source data from the project's Observations tool. 

Added New Environmental Category & Types to Observations Tool (6/14/2019)

Added a new 'Environmental' category and nine (9) types to the Observations tool. New types under the Environmental category include: Air Quality, Cultural Heritage, Hazardous Materials, Noise, Spill, Storm, Water, Vegetation, Waste Management, and Wildlife

Product Management


Coordination Issues

Comment on a Coordination Issue in the Procore Plug-In (06/14/2019) 

Users can now add a comment and snapshot on a coordination issue in the 'Activity' panel. See Add or Manage Comments on a Coordination Issue.

Quality & Safety

No notable changes. 

Construction Financials

Change Events
Change Event Line Item Revenue ROM Amount (6/14/2019) 

Revenue ROM is now a reportable field within the Change Event Line Item Detail reporting option.

Field Productivity

No notable changes. 

App Marketplace

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